What is 3 second rule when it comes to website? Do you know if your website passes the 3 second rule? Or do you know how long visitors stay before moving to another site? Well, at the back of every visit in a website there are certain rules that make the visitors stick to the site. These rules pertain to set of standards that bear fruit within 3 seconds. Yes, you heard it right; a website can make great and valuable impact within 3 seconds of loading. The first three seconds play the crucial rule to attract traffic and in conversions. Reports state that if you fail to capture your potential visitor’s attention within the first 3-5 seconds after landing on your homepage then the drop off rates (potential conversion rate) declines over 60%.

What can make the most impact within 3 seconds? Here are a few factors that say you are through the 3 second rule if your site adheres to them:

  • Fast loading time: Page loading time is one of the most important factors of a site. Website visitors tend to care more about the speed a page is loaded than bulky designs that apparently seem to make loading time slow. A solution to this is the use of simple designs. Mobile visits also make a major share among website views. Designing a website that functions equally well across multiple platforms is the key to attain less loading time. This reinforces the use of responsive web development to adhere to 3 second rule.

  • Keeping the website simple: Keeping a site simple is the key to attract and retain your visitors. A clear guide to navigate through the website has explicit affects on the 3 second rule. Users shouldn’t be confused with loads of information displayed on the page. Instead, directing them to the most desired information easily and quickly will help them find what they are looking for and hence multiplying the chances of getting conversions. Too many hyperlinks and too many options deteriorate a page quality.

  • Keeping Quality Content: Content is king when it comes to successful website development. Content and well designed graphics depict the story you want to convey your visitors. It’s your content that speaks to them. Simple, precise and quality content can make an indelible impact on the visitors. Certain sites with limited to very limited words also make interesting reading , provided they layout the content well.

Besides certain other criteria such as keeping the site genuine with security validations, updated information on all pages and remaining accessible through Social Media platforms are certain other factors that help website visitors more engrossed and make the impact within a very less time.

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