Now that software solutions have been helping businesses for decades, a new trend has emerged for companies looking to grow and scale their business activities. While most software solutions sold ‘off the shelf’ can serve a variety of purposes for the organization, they will often fall short when expanded to a larger size. This is why custom software solutions are growing in popularity for creating business growth.

Custom software solutions are specifically designed for individual business and business needs. By dictating exactly how the software will be used before it is even developed, organizations are able to be specific and not have to work with what they’ve got (an off the shelf solution).

For businesses looking to scale their enterprise, custom software development is becoming an ever popular choice. In this article, we are going to look at exactly how you can do just that. Hopefully, by understand what can be done to grow your business, you will be able to use a software to do just that.

custom software solutions

Why go custom?

Custom software solutions are all about bringing the efficiency of various software to individual companies for a great purpose. There is a series of different reasons why your company should go custom (which we will explore). For a quick overview, here are some of the ways custom software solutions can contribute to your overall long-term growth.

  •      Gives your organization more flexibility.
  •      Ensures control of business processes.
  •      Provides better support with fully functional features.
  •      Saves time and money (How? Check below)
  •      Quicker and higher quality results.
  •      Facilitates efficient data processing.

By improving each of these areas, your business can focus on areas of growth and maturity while your custom software solution handles the rest. Then, once you have figured out the direction in which you want to grow, you can use your solution again to help. Now that we have given you a general overview, let’s get into each individual area.

Reduces costs long term

The first question that usually comes to mind when you talk about custom software solutions is obviously cost. “Won’t opting for a custom solution cost more than it’s worth?” While it is true that going custom will cost more money than employing a basic solution in the short term, over time the costs will actually be greatly reduced.

When you buy the inexpensive solution to help your business, at the time it seems like a great investment. You are able to meet the needs of your business and saved money, good job! Except, a few months down the line, your solution no longer fits the needs of your business and you have to start the process all over again.

With a custom software solution, growth is anticipated and expected. By planning early on with the needs of your organization in mind, you can plan for eventualities like this and others. This way, your solution can stay relevant to your business for a much longer time.

If you are hoping to use your custom software for business expansion, make sure and tell the custom mobile application development team this so that they can plan for scaling. However, most good developers will do this regardless, but it is good to still ask.

Provides flexibility when scaling

Custom software solutions can be designed to be flexible and make adding or changing features as simple as pressing a button. This type of flexibility makes it perfect for scaling a business, since you may not know what your goals will look like in 6 months. Again, by building with growth in mind, so much more can be accomplished.

This is something that a normal business solution just simply can’t do. Or if they can, it is highly difficult and probably more expensive than a custom software solution in the first place. These off the shelf solutions come with fixed features that are rigid and do not allow for growth or flexibility.

In the ever-changing world of business, you cannot afford to be rigid and inflexible any more. Your entire business can change overnight and you need to be prepared for what you will do when that happens. Custom software solutions make that anxiety a little bit more manageable.

flexible solutions

Perfectly fits business requirements

Another aspect of custom software solutions that benefits business growth is their perfect fit of your businesses requirements. By customizing the software specifically for you, you are able to rid yourself of the inefficiencies of previously used solutions. This can free you and your team up to focus on new areas that you previously didn’t have time for.

For instance, if a part of your day is always slowed down by doing a task manually that can now be done electronically, like organizing your calendar, imagine if every process like that was automated. Not only will this free up more time for you, but if the solution is sound, it will do it better than you would have in the first place.

Offers a competitive advantage

One of the most valuable attributes that a solution can have for a business is to provide a competitive advantage over your competitors. The great thing about custom software solutions is that they are built specifically for you and no one else. By being the only company in your industry to employee something like this, you give yourself the advantage.

Now, for more advanced industries, they may already have custom solutions in place and thus by getting one, you might be behind the curve. Don’t fret! An advantage you do have by getting a custom software solution now is that with technology moving at a faster and faster rate, you will be able to quickly catch up.

Not only that, but if you do everything correctly, you can plan ahead for technological improvements and make sure that you are set up for the long run. This way, if someone tries to add their own custom solution down the line, you will be ready to match (if not exceed) your competitors.

competitive advantage

Final thoughts

After reading this, you should have a good idea on whether or not a custom software solution is right for you. Obviously, we believe that it is a good choice for anyone hoping to grow their business, but not everyone is in that position. That being said, there are plenty of other problems that can be solved by custom solutions.

Make sure you know your business and your goals before diving in, but if you think that a custom solution is the right choice for your business, the time to start is now.