Construction Management Software

Due to the project-oriented nature of the construction industry, most companies use a construction project planning software to keep track of shipments, budgets, and incoming work requests. However, most of the off-the-shelf solutions end up coming short, leading to disorganized chaos instead of a streamlined system.

Our software development team understands the demands of the construction industry and the needs of organizations for better systems and processes. By working with our team, we can create a custom construction tracking software just for your company, giving you a competitive advantage over your competitors and leading to more efficient projects.

Without the right project management software for your construction company, projects can quickly run over-budget and become a chaotic scene.

Snyxius can create a custom construction management software for your organization to ensure that you are staying on top of your projects, no matter what gets thrown your way.

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Benefits of Custom Construction Management

Safety and Compliance

Streamline your entire safety and compliance process by using automated alerts and updates to keep your team on their toes. We can even help you set up notifications for when procedures aren’t being followed or issues need attention.

File Sharing and Customizable Forms

Upload photos from the worksite or share important files with your team no matter where they are. You can even create customizable forms for simple and efficient contract negotiations and signings.

Mobile Inspections

Capitalize on your team’s mobile devices by giving them the option to send photos, geolocations, notes, and inspection data across your management platform to ensure that everything is up to code throughout your construction projects.

Management and Communication

Centrally track all projects through one centralized system for better project management and communication across the board. We can also create a construction scheduling software to keep your projects in order and on track.