Mobile applications have emerged as one of the most powerful ways companies can connect with their customer base. Companies can now market, sell and even provide support to their customers, all without them ever needing a computer. It’s no surprise; mobile app agencies i.e. companies that specialise in creating Mobile Applications are growing at an exponential rate. Potential clients are spoilt for choice today, which begs the question – what can you do to make your company’s profile stand out?

Here are our top 10 tips, in no particular order to boost your mobile app agency’s profile and reputation to help start reeling those clients in!

Mobile App Agency Profile Tips

1) Work to your strengths:

One of the biggest mistakes many young and small companies make is focusing on too many domains at once. This inevitably leads to a lapse in focus by the team and leads to either a poor-quality product being delivered, or deadlines being missed, or both. While it may be tempting to work in multiple domains to get a wider client base, playing to your and your company’s strengths will work best in the long run, especially when your development team is small. Does your team excel in making games? Highlight it! Do you specialise in building apps for e-commerce? Showcase it! With apps becoming the hottest trend in today’s world, you are bound to find clients with requirements to fit into the sub-domain you specialise in, with the option of expanding to other sub-domains as your team grows.

2) Work for the customer:

Now this may sound obvious, but it’s importance cannot be stressed. You need to make your clients feel like you are working with their best interests in mind and want to give them a product of the highest quality. By making them feel like their interests are your interests and ensuring that you fully understand their requirements, you strengthen your company’s brand and sow the seeds of brand loyalty- the currency of success for every major brand in the world.

3) Showcase your previous work:

A company’s profile is much like an individual’s resume. Highlighting your previous work and list of clients gives you the opportunity to build trust with any future clients and creates a sense of security in their minds. Customers who feel they are in good hands are happy customers and the foundation of progress for any organisation because, after all, branding is all about reputation.

4) Highlight your core values:

Here’s a question for you- would you trust someone with a shady background with your work and hard earned money? Chances are, you wouldn’t risk it. The same goes for any client who is in the market for a high quality product. In a world driven by professionalism, one of the most important pillars in the foundation to success is ethics. Highlighting your core values and showing the clients that you work with a strong ethical and moral code reassures them that they are in good hands.

5) Build a strong website:

Having a visually appealing and responsive website is very important to make a strong impact on any potential new clients as it sets the bar for what they perceive to be your best work. A poorly designed website basically sends a message of poor quality products. The potential client thinks, “If they can’t do a good job for themselves, why would they for me?”

6) Prioritise quality over quantity:

Ensure a high-quality product is delivered to one or a small pool of clients rather than trying to cater to many clients at the same time. There must be no compromises in quality, and if you feel your team cannot handle a new project, inform the client of the same and ask them if they can delay the deadline. Delivering one high quality product is always better than delivering 2 sub-par ones.

7) Ensure uniformity across platforms:

Accounting for the subtle differences in how iOS and Android applications work, ensure there is uniformity in both look and functionality across all the platforms you develop the applications for. Many times, companies deliver a high quality app for one platform and a completely different app for the other and bring in a whole host of issues for the clients once the apps have been launched.

8) Provide out of the box solutions:

With apps becoming commonplace today, standing out amongst the crowd is a challenge. To ensure visibility, offer unique solutions and services to your clients. Creating products that not only meet but also exceed the expectations of clients helps in creating and maintaining a positive brand image amongst the clientele.

9) Know your audience:

There is no “One-size-fits-all” when you are trying to market your company’s products and services. Choosing a particular target audience and then catering to their requirements and needs will help you find potential clients whose requirements match the services you can provide.

10) Summarise your USP:

Take some time out to provide a few lines in the closing statement to explain exactly why the client should choose to work with your mobile app agency. Remember to highlight your achievements as an organisation and provide details to show how you can help them get the app they want.