Case Study

Customer feedback management system

Client: Titan – Helios

Industry: Products/Retail

Project: Feedback application

Business Problem: Customer feedback management system

Service: Enterprise Mobility Project requirement

Overview: Being a product based retail business and having a very niche target audience; Helios had a requirement to manage customer feedback with greater efficiency to serve the customers better and to understand if there is any gap between customer’s expectations and service delivered. Business Problem: Helios showrooms are spread across various locations in India. Traditionally customer feedback is taken manually by filling up forms by the customers in the showrooms. The filled up data then entered and send to required managers by the store employees. There was a huge time gap to complete the cycle and most importantly lots of manual work is involved. This increases the chance of data to be lost and also errors. The challenge was how to centralize the whole process; so that it is easy for the business managers and decision makers to get the required information and insights efficiently and effectively. Technology as Solution: Snyxius developed cloud based feedback system using custom made iPod application. Customers need to enter feedbacks directly in to the iPod and the auto synchronization technique sends and saves data to cloud based application through internet. The application’s salient features includes real time verification of customer’s mobile number and other contact details by sending test mails and validation message, real time synchronization of data, offline working ability and easy to navigate and self explanatory feedback form. The data from all the stores were collected and saved on cloud and management can perform various analysis based on a particular store, geography or on whole data sets. Dashboards are created for better understanding and overview of the feedbacks. Data can be exported in form of CSV files for further analysis, sharing or for record keeping.

Outcomes: The application indeed helped the organization to centralize the feedback system, giving flexibility to management with:

  • One stop access to feedback database; anytime and from anywhere
  • Reduced manual work and decreased probability of errors or chance of losing the data
  • Interactive and easy to use analytics tool for faster decision making
  • Better customer satisfaction by improving business process
  • Tracking and resolving customer complaints more efficiently
  • Never the less; capturing authentic data about the customers and increased repeat sales.