Smart applications are making a niche in the field of fitness and healthcare with its unique range of products that aim at monitoring health issues. Quitbit is first of its kind, being the smart lighter and an app to empower an individual’s effort to quit smoking. It aids smokers to monitor their smoking frequency and control smoking habits. At present, Quitbit is compatible on iOS 5, but reports publish early plans to launch compatibility on Android 4.3 as well. Striking feature about Quitbit is that, it will work irrespective of a smartphone if you connect it via Bluetooth. The smart lighter measuring 67 x 43 x 10 mm and weighing 72 gm will last for a week with a single recharge.

Distinguishing features of the digital lighter and App are:

  • Lights cigarette using a heating coil
  • Tracks smoking records with every cigarette lit with it
  • Shows the smoking trends of an individual through built in display and App

Quitbit is a digital lighter that can control your smoking habit if you pick lighter often. What it does is –

  • Whenever a cigarette is lit with Quitbit, it will display the information of the last cigarette lit and the time gap in between
  • It shows the times when you smoke most
  • It shows a smoker’s smoking pattern to help him know his smoking frequency and time spent on smoking
  • Sets daily limit to the number of cigarettes lighted

How you quit through Quitbit?

  • You can stop smoking by setting daily limit to the digital lighter
  • As you can see your smoking pattern, your brain triggers to have a check, every time you smoke
  • You can curb your expenses as it shows how much costs you incur on cigarettes
  • It displays the monetary savings when you keep away from smoking
  • You can set the maximum number of times the lighter should light in a day. On reaching the daily limit, the lighter will abstain you from smoking
  • Learning smoking frequency and looking at your smoking statistics, it is easy for you to take that step to quit smoking

If you want to quit smoking or you have made up your mind but unable to check your smoking, here is one thing you should not miss taking.

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