There are over 60,000 apps added to the app store each month. On a yearly basis that’s more than 720,000 apps in a year, making the marketplace incredibly crowded. With that many potential apps to choose from, it’s hard to know what should be on your mobile device and what can be ignored. That’s where this list comes in.

Below you’ll find 10 of the best apps of 2016 that I have personally used and can vouch for. Ranging from practical usage apps to games to news to quirky little tools, these 10 apps are currently used by millions of people, including myself and our team as well. Enjoy the list!

1. CamScanner


CamScanner is an awesome little app that lets you take a picture of a document, and then have it instantly scanned into your phone. From there you can share the newly-scanned document via email, dropbox, outlook, or the cloud. This type of app does a very specific job, but one that is so useful to the modern business or professional who doesn’t have a scanner available to them…or maybe doesn’t even know what one is!

2. Fast Speed Test


Have you ever thought your internet seems slow recently and wonder if it actually has been? With Fast Speed Test, you can check the speed of your internet connection. Simply download the app, open it up, and it immediately starts looking at the speed performance of your network. This tool is incredibly useful when looking at whether or not your internet is capable of streaming high-definition video or online gaming, which is why I use this tool regularly.

3. Pokemon GO


If you make a list of the best apps of 2016 to have on your device, you’d be making a huge mistake to leave this monster off. Pokemon GO is a cultural phenomena that swept the nation earlier this summer, enthralling millions of users to walk outside and catch the digital monsters. Using ARG technology, Pokemon GO combined gaming with fitness and it was an absolute powerhouse of an app. With new features coming out monthly, it’s not going away anytime soon.

4. Google Duo


Seen as their direct attempt at competition with FaceTime, Google Duo is a video chat application for IOS and Android created by the search giant. Google Duo does all the things FaceTime does, but also includes a preview of the video feed option that let’s you see what it’ll look like before you answer, and call between IOS and Android devices. Duo is a great video communication app you should check out.

5. Motion


I am often recommended video apps by my freelance video producer friends, but one that has really stood out is Motion. Motion allows the user to take stop-motion video clips by taking pictures with the app until you have a full clip. This provides the user to make really cool little stop-motion clips that you can do some interesting things with.

6. Fantasy Life


Fantasy sports is a billion dollar industry and fantasy football is the king of that industry, with nearly 75 million people playing in 2015. When you play the game you will invariably have questions about your lineup, which is where Fantasy Life comes in. The app is a fantasy football social media app, where you can interact with, ask question, and post funny pictures to the community. The app does a great job of bringing fantasy players together and creating an awesome community.

7. SoundHound


Ever heard a song playing and wondered what it was? SoundHound is an app that listens to the song playing and then tells you exactly what the song is. With a simple click of the button, the app recognizes the sound and gives you an answer, and follows it up by linking the song to the music store on your device. Don’t want to buy the song right then? SoundHound keeps track of every song you searched with it and let’s you go back later.

8. Slack


Slack is a team-communication app that let’s users and members of a team talk with each other in a giant group setting. With direct messaging, private groups comprising any topic the users want, and the seamless communication that the app brings, it’s no wonder why Slack is such a huge and widely used tool for businesses and regular people alike. With the ability to create topics depending on your needs and allowing people into those groups, Slack is a fantastic app.

9. GIF Keyboard

This one might be my favorite on this list. GIF Keyboard allows users to search for, find, and then copy and paste GIFs into their messages. For the uninitiated, GIFs are the those quick one-to-three second videos you see on websites that loop endlessly. This app integrates with your phones texting keyboard and lets you drop the GIFs in wherever you want.


10. MenuSnap


When I was creating this list my girlfriend said I had to look at MenuSnap for it. I checked it out, used it, and was really impressed. MenuSnap lets you take a picture of a restaurant menu in a different language, scans it, and then translates it into easy to understand terms. The app works wonders for travelers or for those who want to visit some new restaurants in your area, a feat my girlfriend uses when she visits french, Italian, and restaurants of varying languages.