Application Management & Maintenance  

It is imperative that your business applications are up to date and are constantly evolving with your business needs. To ensure dependability your applications need to be monitored & maintained regularly. Typically, many enterprises setup dedicated teams to manage & maintain their applications, however that proves expensive with overheads to manage the team and this usually shifts the focus away from the core business.

Snyxius provides Application Management, Support & Maintenance services for your existing or new applications. We reduce the burden from your IT department and provide you complete peace of mind and full dependability on your applications and systems.

Application Monitoring

We provide 24/7 monitoring of your applications & systems for availability, performance & security glitches. Our team takes care of issue reporting, issue resolution, escalations, investigation on issue occurrence, user administration, activity reporting and usage analytics.

Change Management & Support

With your changing needs & process, we understand your applications need to evolve and adapt. We create and setup test & staging environments & provide you complete support to change & customize your applications as per your need. We help deploy releases to production with minimum to no downtime.

Enhancement, Modernization & Migration

We help enhance your legacy systems & applications to modern technologies & platforms. Our team takes care of complete migration of application & data to better infrastructure ensuring scalability and reduced costs. We use Cloud infrastructure to provide auto-scalability and additional benefits to your business applications.

Benefits of outsourcing application management & maintenance to Snyxius

  • Cost Savings by 30-40%
  • Reduced response time & speedy issue resolutions
  • Organized change management process
  • Improved governance & reliability of applications