Android and smart phones have redefined the game culture in mobile devices. With almost everyone on android and smart phones mobile games are gaining popularity like never before. Mobile game development is thumping steep growth in terms of revenue and market share. It is estimated to hit $54 Billion global market value by 2015 (Mind Commerce, November, 2011). Mobile game development is a fever as much as playing the games. Among multiple apps available on Business, Lifestyle, Education, Books, Social Networking, Music, and Entertainment; Games apps are the most popular among all ages. Mobile game apps comprise 70 % of all mobile applications available and in demand by mobile users.

Early 21st century saw the beginning of downloadable game packages and it was still a low key till the ushering of the App Store by Apple in July, 2008. App Store brought the change in the market of mobile games, significantly increasing the number of game users on mobile. Mobile game development has given a new shape to hand held entertainment and serious addictions have engulfed the young and old. Mobile games development may fall in any one of business models – paid downloadable games, regular subscription, free downloads, and advertisement based. Mobile game development is not an easy task. To develop a perfect game requires skilled sets of developers to designers. User experience incorporated with proper techniques of game development can make games go viral. To cut short, Mobile game development requires a team ardent for creativity, innovative ideas and programming geeks.

Mobile games have been the buzz around the month for App Stores topper Flappy Bird and it has been a distinguishing month for the mobile application business. Mobile game development has taken a new dimension with people taking to mobile games frequently. Flappy Bird is a history now. With enormous followers and fans and stunning revenue of $50,000 per day Flappy Bird fever has surfaced in all sites and news channels. It stands testimony to the fact how mobile games have become crucial in everyday life in all parts of the world capturing time and attention. There are new questions arising on the web, such as whether Flappy Bird will become a genre or will it surge again after some time with greater vigor. With the never expected departure of Flappy Bird from the App Store similar games built around Flappy bird called “Flappy Bird Clones” sprung in App Sores. But Tech Crunch reports that Apple and Play Store are not entertaining Flappy Clones and removing them without prior information to the developers. But for hard core fans eBay has stock for Flappy Bird pre-installed mobile devices and not surprisingly, it will take good bucks.

Mobile game development has become the cynosure of the present day smart phone crowd. Very much as Nir Eyal wrote for Flappy mobile phone game, “a digital tsunami of players and pundits dissecting and what turned into a global fixation.”