Molding children at a young age is crucial. With smart devices in all households, children learn to use them randomly by the age of 2. Using this platform to hone their mathematical and analytical ability can be the best food to encourage mathematical development. Driven by this concept, Snyxius brings in Adam’s Math Tree on Android Play Store to develop simple mathematical skills in kids that can be the foundation of a strong future. Adam’s Math Tree makes practicing math fun by making it part of a game with interesting features to glue your child. The objective behind Adam’s Math Tree is to help kids improve accuracy & speed of solving math questions.

Importance of education apps

Apps and similar learning tools are facilitating creative methods to teach kids math concepts, arouse mathematical curiosity and develop their mind and intellect.

  • On a survey for game apps for kids, 31% of the children improved their knowledge of colors by 2 or more
  • On a survey for game apps for kids, 38% of children tested improved object assembly skill level by an average of more than 10 months
  • Nielsen survey says out 70% of tablet owning households with children under the age of 12, it is the kids who use the device. Out of which 77% use their tablets to play games and 57% children use their tablets for educational apps

Play and Learn with Adam’s Math tree!

Adam’s Math Tree is a simple educational math app for kids to practice arithmetic questions – addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. The app has 3 levels – Easy, Medium & Difficult. This math app is meant for kids of all ages. The questions are dynamically generated, so you always get new questions. Your kid will never get bored playing and every time he plays he will get better. It is an excellent math workout for your kids and you will see him progressing well in school math. In fact, this app could be a good enough challenge for you as a parent. Each level gets tougher than the other. Compete with your kid on an Easy vs Hard match and see who wins. The Hard level is locked and is available to unlock after you have played Easy & Medium levels.

It is always interesting to learn with fun, isn’t it? The app is hosted on the Play Store. Check it out!