As we are getting acquainted with better amenities of life, we can also see ourselves stepping into a whole new different world of technologies. While we walk down the memory lane, we can remind ourselves of the Rotary Dial Telephones. And from those now called “ancient” telephones we have travelled so much to these smartphones which are smarter than us.

Today, the man has conquered everything, including technology, which now appears to be a mirage that justified itself and came true. People are advancing so much in this domain that daily we come across a new invention taking place. It has eased out our lives and expanded our horizons, helping us climb the ultimate pinnacle.

Not only this, there are events that take place every year around the world promoting and awarding the new ideas related to these technologies.

South by Southwest (SXSW) is one of those events that takes place in Austin, Texas, United States, every year in mid-March. In the SXSW Interactive session of the event, one can see the camera of lense focusing on emerging latest technologies and new ideas.

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According to a festival organizer Louis Black, SXSW Interactive “has probably been the biggest of its kind in the world” since 2007.

Every year the event showcases a vast range of ideas and technology, where various companies display their works of talent.

About 500 companies submitted their web-based products for this year’s event presented by Oracle. Out of which the exhibitors were selected and cut-short into a specific number. And these finalists are expected to showcase their products on Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15 at the Hilton Downtown Austin. So this year, again one can expect a diverse range of latest technology, concepts and theories exhibited by different companies.

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The event will showcase various types of technologies like, Enterprise and Smart Data, Entertainment and Content, Digital Health and Life Sciences, Innovative World, Social and Wearable technology. Also there will be several events at SXSW Interactive showcasing Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) portfolio companies and partners.

So here are a few top expected technologies at this year’s event:

1. Wearable Technologies
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There are the wearable accessories incorporated with computer and advanced electronic technologies.
These days when our comfort is the priorty, then why not take it to another level with personal temperature control! Embr Labs is up with Wristify to help one cool down and heat up freely in accordance to one’s own ‘want’.
And wait? Have you in you a hidden Shoe Designer? Give your creativity wings when you can customise shoes from only the photos of your feet and leave the rest to Feetz ! With patented SizeMeTM technology solutions to 3D print your design and provide you custom fit shoes at your doorstep within 7 days, Feetz is amazing.

But isn’t it always nice to understand someone better? It becomes accurate with technology. FitBark, a beautiful activity monitor to understand the ‘Barks’ better than ever before. Also with rich data sets to improve the veterinarian products and services.
How about using our energy to charge our mobile phone…like,with the number of footsteps we take? Thank you SolePower. “Every step you take is a step closer to a full battery!”

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And then after charging your phone by walking for hours, know and control your state of mind the entire day. Yes, Spire will help you manage and improve this complexity of life by making you aware of the levels of tension, focus and calm by measuring your breathing patterns.

And now!Kids are no more unsafe while they play outdoors with the Tinitell on their wrists. A wristphone with a GPS tracker, water-resistant and durable, Tinitell. Stay connected.

2. Innovative World Technologies
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This category of technology appears to be the most attractive part of the whole SXSW Interactive event.
So have you ever wanted to have a 3D drawing pen? And a robotic Pocket Printer? Yes!
Don’t worry. Here is CreoPop with a 3D drawing pen and a variety of colourful inks, elastic ink, magnetic ink, glow-in-the-dark ink, temperature sensitive ink, conductive ink and body paint ink. And ZUtAlabs invented the first robotic Pocket Printer which moves across the paper and prints as it rolls across the page.

And wait! What about your Bitcoins and their safety? Relieve yourself. The Ledger Wallet is for YOU, a way in which you can store your Bitcoins with complete security. It is easy to use and affordable too.
But then mails? Are they safe? Stop overthinking, because SXSW Interactive will have ProtonMail, which is working on the privacy of a user’s emails by providing the user with digital privacy and company like RapidSOS is transforming emergency communication.

And ideas like, SLANTRANGE is the intelligence system for the low-cost agricultural drone which is making farming more innovative and productive. People will not only get acquainted with the above technology but SXSW has something for “lazy housewives” too. Yes! SmartyPans, a pan which provide step by step cooking instruction. The pan has three sensors that measure weight, temperature and humidity which the app uses to alter instructions based on your cooking environment.

3. Social Technologies
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It is known by applying the use of technology in the social domain.

Making social media a potentially usefull media by re- sequencing your soical feeds and eliminating the spoilers, thereby making it Cooler. Cooler is an innovative idea to make social media safe for television again.

And now not getting a physical placement for a business is no more a problem with Polsie. Create an online store fed by instagram, bigger than the big or smaller than the small, all so easy to do with Polsie.

Have you too many shots and not able to decide the best of all? Worries resolved by Vhoto, an iOS app with machine learning and computer vision technology to pick the best images and videos from the lot. Record, Create, Share.

And then uniting videos has never been easier before Peepsqueeze, an app to record your video and invite social friends for the same and designate a recipient with a delivery date.

4. Enterprise and Smart Data Technologies
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Under this section companies like Hypori, Crate.IO, Identified Technologies, Kasisto, Loopd, Partpic, Sapho and Trendalytics have displayed their innovative ideas on the handling of database. Companies will showcase their ingenious ideas on cloud-based IT infrastructure, drones and dock stations, high data transfer speed and even a new breed of databse. Whereas Hypori worked on Virtual Mobile Infrastructure – accessible from Android and iOS devices.

So these are most awaited technologies (and much more) for this year’s SXSW Interactive event. Time to gear up and wait for who leads the league.