Design & Usability  

What makes a great product is its user experience. Keeping a product interface simple & intuitive is the most critical objective to start designing with. People react positively when things are clear and understandable.

At Snyxius, we are fanatic about designs & usability and we make all possible effort to ensure we deliver an awesome user experience through our interface designs. We believe design is not just about pretty pixels; it's about presenting the data & information in the simplest most intuitive way possible.

Our design process commences with a detailed study of your business & target audience. By exploring every aspect of your business and your marketing message, we strive hard to deliver a solid information architecture. We incorporate that into our visual design and validate it through real target users.

Responsive Web Designs

With the increase in device types, consumers are now accessing websites from a range of screen sizes. It's critical that your site is compatible and works flawlessly on all these possible screens and device types. Snyxius helps responsive & fluid designs, which are compatible with all the screen sizes. We use Twitter Bootstrap as the front-end framework along with HTML5 / jQuery to create awesome responsive designs.

Mobile UI Designs

Mobile phones have a very limited real estate and presenting information within that in a simple & intuitive way makes it very challenging. Our team works hard to create designs that give out a Wow experience to the end user keeping it simple & intuitive. We design UIs for a range of device types & screen sizes.

Front-end Programming

We have a dedicated team of front-end programmers who make the designs work wonderfully on different browsers. Creating interactive elements, jQuery components and parallax effects they make an amazing user experience for the end user. Our team has expertise in using the latest HTML5 / CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap and LessCSS frameworks to create cutting-edge websites.