The introduction of ‘mobility’ in the business world has totally changed it. At present, there are more than 6 billion mobile phone subscribers globally. As the number of mobile phone subscribers is increasing, more and more businesses are adopting mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile marketing has gone through a serious transition. Earlier businesses had a trend of launching mobile versions of their websites (, The problem with these sites was that they couldn’t incorporate all the features the actual website had. This made them difficult to navigate through, resulting in poor user experience.

But an effective mobile strategy doesn’t end on a mobile- friendly website. There is almost nothing more fruitful in marketing world than a mobile application. An app analytic firm, Flurry, has found that 80% of the time spent on mobile devices is spent using apps and the rest 20% on browsers.

Myntra, a fashion e-commerce site, has gone app-only. The move came after the site claimed that 95 percent of its Internet traffic came through mobile and 70 percent sales were generated through smartphones. Even its parent company, Flipkart, has decided to go app only.

And if you think that mobile applications are just for e-commerce sites, you are wrong. Every business now needs its own app. But there is no need to pull out your hair over your mobile app. Many mobile app agencies are there to help you deliver a user-friendly app for your business.


Mobile App Agency

Here are the reasons why you need a mobile app agency to drive your mobile bandwagon.

1. Excellent user experience

The world has gone small screened. Smartphone are taking place of laptops and desktops. Due to this, the user’s interaction time frame has become shorter.

Your app is the “physical” representation of your business. It is more accessible on a phone than a website. But an app’s success lies in the ease in interaction it provides to your users. A user needs the simplicity and focus that an app provides.

Excellent User-experience (UX) and User-interface (UI) are the ultimate goals of any mobile application. Quick and easy navigation system, real-time communication, real time data are the pillars of a good UX and UI.

The people at app developing agencies are professionals. They know how to intelligently incorporate all the needs of your business with the demands of your users. This will provide your users with good UI and UX, which will ultimately help you in business.

2. To solve your availability issues

Even if you are an existing company or a start-up, you need an app. An app will help you to connect with your audience or provide customer support or promote yourself etc.

But your business already has critical tasks that require your attention. So why not to outsource your mobile application project?

By hiring a mobile app agency, you can stay focused on your already existing business. This will save your time and your staff can put their efficiency in other important tasks.

3. Overcome the lack of experience

It is not necessary that every company possess knowledge and resources required for application development. There are businesses that don’t have any prior experience of handling software projects and app building isn’t an easy task.

Having project managers is critical if you don’t have any experience. They serve as a connection between you and development teams. App development agencies have professional project managers who will coordinate the people building your app and make sure working according to your needs.

But finding highly skilled and knowledgeable managers isn’t easy. With hiring a mobile app developing agency, you can rest assure that your work is being handled by experienced people. Thus you can overcome your lack of experience without any learning curve.

4. Technical expertise

A business purposed mobile app is technically complex in nature. For gaining a larger user base, your app should be compatible with multi-platforms.

For a larger app, more than dozens of developers are required; java developers for android phone, objective-C or Swift experts for iOS development, some for client-side coding, JavaScript engineers for server system development.

In-housing all these skilled engineers is not easy. That is why you should hire a mobile app agency as they offer a complete solution, with teams of skilled engineers already assembled.

5. Latest technologies and tools

Mobile app agencies follow the latest trends and technologies consistently. Most of the applications, present on app stores are divided into three categories: Native apps, HTML5 apps or hybrid (native + HTML5) apps.

A genuine app developing agency will know which technology, according to your needs, will work best among your users.

Plus these agencies come with premium-level services, softwares, purchased tools which saves you loads of money and time too.

6. Speed up your business in industry

In-housing your own mobile app development team will also work. But there are some major drawbacks of in-housing your whole project.

In housing a whole team is not as easy as it seems. Finding talent, their guiding and training and management is very time consuming. Plus for finding and training all these new employees will need a highly skilled and efficient project manager too.

A mobile marketing agency comprises of people that are rightly suited in the app developing business. It is better to hire already there professionals than breed a whole team of newbies.

The time required in setting up an in house team will be saved. This will speed up your business in the industry.

7. Flexible structure

The cost effectiveness of a hired mobile app agency is more than that of in-house developing team. An in-house team will come with fixed cost, plus maintenance expenses.

Mobile app agencies provide you with flexible fee models based on the features you demand for your app.

8. A step ahead in competition

Once you have the app developed, it’s time to launch it at different app stores. The app stores are more crowded now, than they were 2 years ago.

App developing agencies know how to advocate and distribute your app so that it will be known among the users. This will help your business to break into larger markets. Thus you will have a niche over your competitors.

9. Future use

It is better to work with one party for the entire project, rather than coordinating with several freelancers. An in-house team will also help but it is not easy to maintain. Having one partner agency will be beneficial in long term.

An app is an ongoing process. An app can never be complete even if you aren’t adding any features. Updates, maintenance, debugging, and user response keeps the app as a live project.

It is more convenient contacting your partner agency whenever the app needs updating, or bug-fixing.