A healthy living is the base of a successful work life. Working continuously at a stretch brings in stress and disorder to our mind, which hinders us from concentrating in what we do, resulting in decreased work productivity. Meditation is instrumental in relieving us from stress and anxiety and aids in healthy living.

Here are a few quick meditation tips that we all can do on our own when we are at the workplace to energize our mind and work with vigor, and fight off that workplace stress.

Don’t worry about the time it takes, as you can utilize your tea breaks, the tiny breaks after prolonged work, and the time when you are waiting for a call or a meeting.

  • Breathing deeply: Breathing is a stress reliever if it is done correctly. If you breathe slowly and deeply with attention to breathing, it works as a meditation method. Listening to breaths while inhaling and exhaling the air brings in the consciousness of mind and helps in focusing things better
  • Imagine things you love: Close your eyes and take your mind to the beautiful things that you would love to be a part of or good old memoirs that continue to inspire you and bring happiness to your soul
  • Think of your body: Take your mind to every organ of your body that is from your head to toe, while you take slow deep breathes. This helps in refreshing your mind when you concentrate
  • Blink your eyes: While sitting at your place, take your eyes away from the screen, and blink your eyes constantly for some time. Your eyes will feel fresh and you will feel like going back to your work
  • Repeat words or phrases: While meditating, you can repeat a religious phrase, positive words or any particular phrase and devote your mind to that for some time. It reduces your anxiety and helps you to bounce back with energy
  • Take a walk: We all know that walking is a good exercise. When you meditate while you walk, it’s a boon for the body and the mind. Take slow and small steps in your office area and focus on each movement of your leg and feet to divert your mind from odd things and come anew after you finish the round
  • Do your prayer: Praying is one of the best opted practices of meditation. Prayers give us strength and drive away anxiety, worries and stress. Prayers long or small, take the mind to a different state of peace and solace
  • Listen to your surroundings: Close your eyes and take your mind to all sounds that are coming from the environment. Pay attention to each of them coming from the surrounding, and it will relieve your mind from the worries and monotony of work

Besides, reading motivational quotes and good phrases, and listening to soothing sounds will give you a pleasant and relaxed mind to work again.  Try this quick meditation tips and as you practice you will witness the calmness that you achieve and the change you feel if you do it well.

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