As mobile technology continues to improve, develop, and transform, the design that goes along with it has continued in the same direction. The days when an app could get away with poor design are no longer. Now, UI and UX design, along with a series of other guidelines and disciplines, are dominating the mobile app design world.

What this leads to is some truly mind-blowing designs that leave the user feeling satisfied by their experience. In order to cultivate inspiration and show off some truly incredible apps, we have collected 7 of our favorite apps in this article. Each of these apps has beautiful design, but more importantly, they serve designated purpose as they should.

mobile app design

What does it mean to have mind-blowing mobile app design?

Before we get into the list, we first wanted to answer a common question: “What does it mean to have mind-blowing mobile app design?” For us, and developers like us, earth-shattering design meets a few expectations or design principles. One of those expectations is that you design with the human aspect in mind.

The true way to create revolutionary design is to make your app work for its users. Sometimes designers get lost in their own work and forget about who it is truly serving. Keeping the end user in mind is what has brought about the incredible mobile app design that we are about to show you.

So, what does it mean to have mind-blowing app design? It means that it works, it makes sense, and it looks good doing it. Now, let’s get into this list.

1. Awesome Note 2 by BRID

awesome note 2

Awesome Note 2 combines note taking apps with a calendar to create a fantastic user experience. Whether you want to use this app for personal or professional reasons, BRID has made everything customizable so that you get to dictate what the app looks like. However, since everything is built around images and cards, it is still usable even if it looks different from its original form.

Another great thing about Awesome Note 2 is that no matter how you decide to take notes, the app saves them for later use. You can doodle, write with a stylus, or simply take a picture and the app will do the rest to keep it saved. Complexity with a look of simplicity, that is good mobile app design.

2. The Prague Zoo App by Prague Zoo

prague zoo

An unlikely contender, the Prague Zoo App is something of a mobile app design rarity. While only used for the purposes of promoting and facilitating zoo business, this app looks beautiful and makes me want to visit Prague again.

By making the user experience approachable and easy to use with this app, the Prague Zoo is helping more of their users get excited about the zoo. Other apps that work with similar enterprises should seriously take a look at this app. This is what the future looks like.

3. Wickr Me by Wickr

wickr me

Wickr Me is the app for secure messaging. Similar to Snapchat, Wickr only allows users to pick how long their correspondents can be viewed by the received. Along with that and a high level of security, Wickr makes it their job to keep your messages to only those who you desire.

As far as mobile app design goes, Wickr sticks to a traditional black and white. However, what they lack in color, they make up for in workability. Wickr Me makes any message you send look professional, an aim I believe they were going for.

4. Snapseed by Google


There is a sea of photo editor apps on the marketplace right now, but Snapseed feels unique. Unlike other apps, Snapseed doesn’t feel cluttered and presents everything in a clean, cut way. Although the functions seem basic (cropping, adding filters), there is a hidden layer of complexity hidden underneath. Just tap each of the areas to adjust your photo settings to new levels.

Like everything Google does, Snapseed looks good and has great UI and UX design. With so much competition out there, it’s hard not to compare Snapseed with other photo editing apps. However, at least for us, we believe it is the best option available.

5. Duolingo by Duolingo


If you haven’t heard of the revolutionary language app before now, you might want to check it out. Duolingo makes learning languages easy and takes gamification to the next level. By completing certain areas of the language, it keeps you updated on how fluent you are in the subject. Not only that, but it gives you the option to learn with your friends.

Duolingo has made a name for themselves by teaching the world new languages, but their design is what keeps users coming back again and again. Designed for all ages, Duolingo is easy to navigate and uses both visual prompts and sounds to tell the user when and where to do things. With this brilliant, human-centric design, Duolingo is simply in a league of its own.

6. Qapital by Qapital


Saving money can be a chore, by Qapital tries its best to make it fun. Through simple money saving tricks like rounding up to the next dollar, Qapital helps its users save money for what is important in their lives. But, it doesn’t stop there. Instead of just offering suggestions, Qapital actually takes that money and keeps it in a secure FDIC insured Qapital account that is accessible by the users at all times.

OK, but what is fun about that? Well, Qapital has a simple UX design that lets users put pictures with each thing they are saving up for. For example, a picture of a beach for saving up for a vacation. This combination of images and animated icons makes it fun and easy to save, while making the app intuitive to use.

7. Hipmunk


Our last app that boasts a deep knowledge of mobile app design is Hipmunk. Seeing the world is always on everyone’s to-do list, but sometimes it’s simply not affordable. Hipmunk tries to help with that. By notifying users when prices drop on things like airline tickets and hotel rooms, Hipmunk keeps you budget in mind.

The reason we praise the design of Hipmunk is that it makes it customizable to how you travel. For instance, if a nice hotel is more important to you than a direct flight, you can add in these parameters for the app. By providing you with a simple way to see what matters to you first, Hipmunk makes travelling affordable. It just happens to look good while doing it.