mobile business ideas

Do you have a business idea?

So you’ve got a good idea for a mobile business, heck, you might even have a great idea. Having a mobile business idea is one thing, but having a SUCCESSFUL mobile business another.

If you’re an entrepreneur or have taken a leap of faith in the past, you already understand the feeling. A leap into the unknown with nothing but calculated optimism at your side. There are many mobile business ideas which have gone down the drain. By many, our estimate is somewhere near millions. And maybe, that’s not an exaggeration. For every great idea, there are a million bad ones.

It happens because sometimes your own idea seems so lucrative that you fail to look objectively at the pros and cons. It happens when you don’t have a strategy to get a proof of your concept.

While no cut-in-stone method of determining an ideas worth, although there are checklists for making your app, we have come up with a few steps which will help you to validate your business idea and also save you some money in the process.

Step#1 Search For Your Idea

If you think you have the next big business idea, then pull out your phone and Google it. Google what your app does and see what the competition might be. Within a minute, you will know if your idea is unique; Unique ideas are the goal. This will save your time on working a wrong business idea for something that already exists.

If you find that your business exists don’t give up.

Perhaps there are ways to improve your product from existing product? Can you offer value to the business already producing it? Could the market be satisfied better? If you answered “yes,” move to the next step.

Step#2 Listen To Other Opinions

Talk to those people you can trust about your idea.

They can be your friends, teammates, or even your developer; anyone who is ready to give an honest opinion. And we must stress “honest” in that statement. This is the stage when you really need opinions about your idea.

Because sometimes it happens that you get an idea stuck in your head and can’t see past it’s potential, ignoring possible flaws in the idea.

Don’t let this happen.

If you think that their explanation is genuine regarding your idea and offers constructive criticism, then try to make some changes in your idea to reflect the advice. In the long run your idea will benefit from improvements and changes in this early phase.

Step#3 Run a MVP Test For Your Product

To check whether your idea is unique than others, you need to do MVP test of the product.

A MVP test is a strategy for avoiding the development of products that customers do not want. The idea is to rapidly build a minimum set of features that is enough to deploy the product and test key assumptions about customers’ interactions with the product.

A quick initial test to gauge the users before investing too much. Make sense?

But we know, you are eagerly waiting to know how to do MVP test of a product?

Don’t worry here it is.

By building a landing page

A landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or land on.

The job of the landing page is to target a particular audience, such as traffic from an email campaign promoting a particular ebook, or visitor who click on a pay-per-click ad promoting your webinar.

But it is more than that. It is also used for the MVP test of the product.

Here’s how:

  1. Craft your landing page.

  2. Set up Google Adword Campaign and drive traffic to your new landing page.

  3. Set up Google Analytics to measure the conversion of visitor that sign up.

  4. Set up chat to make it easy for the visitors to raise question

  5. Set up a service like Qualaroo to survey your visitors.


Buffer- The landing Page MVP example.

And to know more about the different methods to do MVP test of the product you can check out this guide.

Statutory business warning:

Never ever try to work on those ideas which have been rejected by the people, and never try to create final product for the MVP test. Just create the basic model so that people understand what your idea is all about and give suggestion.

Step#4 Finding The Problem

After the MVP test, you’ll have a list of people to reach so schedule your first set of conversations.

But remember you shouldn’t start your conversation directly by asking the problem, start the conversation by asking them to tell their stories about their work, this way you will build a connection with them and they will also feel free to talk to you. Any process is easier when it’s friendly and light in nature.

This process is called customer development.

When trying to validate your business idea the main goal is to find the problem. You need to discover the common problem that your potential audiences have.

You have to make sure that other people also feel the problem too. You can’t validate an idea based on your own opinion. Your time is limited and you shouldn’t be wasting it on creating things people don’t love.

Step#5 What’s Your Ideas Unique Identity?

If your test goes well then it means that you have a winning idea, so it’s time that you start to build your brand identity around your idea; this is how you catch more customers for your product or service.

But some entrepreneurs fear that if they expose their idea, then another individual can commandeer it and then they’re off to the races. This is completely valid fear for the entrepreneur, but don’t worry, there are ways from which you can protect your idea from stealing.

First thing you should do is that patent your idea, this way you can protect your idea from stealing. But it is a very expensive process, if you have resources, engage a patent attorney and pursue the protection.

But if you don’t have, then turn your focus on building the brand identity. It will be little less expensive than patent.

You can build your brand identity by following ways:

  1. Choosing a great name for your product.

  2. By creating a business landing page.

  3. Promoting your business name in every social site.

Step#6 A Customer Acquisition Plan for The Idea

You may have the best business plan in the world, but without customer your business is nothing. So, before diving into lengthy business plan, you should ask yourself one question:

How do I get my first customer?

For this you have to create thoughtful customer-acquisition plan and marketing strategy to acquire users, and be prepared to explain it to investors, partners and stakeholders, as this will undoubtedly be the first questions they ask.

And always remember that, it is much easier to build a business around a demand than to build a demand around a business.

These steps should provide you with a solid starting point on gauging whether or not your idea has merit, as well as how you can possibly take it and run with it.