As mobile app development continues to grow as a way for businesses and individuals to bring their ideas to the world, many outside of the app development world often wonder how so many of these apps make money. After all, when it boils right down to it, there isn’t much that separates apps that flop from money making apps that have grown into household names like Slack or Snapchat.

In the interest of drawing back the curtain and diving deeper in the mobile app development process, we have compiled 6 industry secrets to developing money making apps. Once you have a better understanding of what areas of development to focus on you will be better equipped to create your own profitable app.

As the old saying goes, “Time is money,” so let’s jump in.

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(1) Find a need within the existing marketplace

The first secret of developing money making apps doesn’t require writing a single line of code. In fact, when brainstorming mobile business ideas, its best to do as much research as possible before committing to anything. Before developing your app, you first need to:

  • Find a need within the existing marketplace.
  • Create a way to fulfill that need.

More than anything, this is what separates money making apps from flops. If you are able to solve a problem or fulfill a need that no one has been able to yet, you will be golden. The bad news is that even if you do come up with a solution, you still have a long way to go. The good news is that you have made the correct first step and are on the right track to developing a profitable app.

(2) Use other successful apps for guidance

Once you have discovered the area you are hoping to target and the problem you want to solve, you now need to figure out how to make that solution a reality. The best way to do this is by aligning your ideas with other successful apps already on the market and then come up with ways you can improve upon what they already have created.

Tell us about your mobile app idea!

Top app developers recommend emulating successful apps to get a feel for their design and flow before beginning your own app. For instance, if there is an app in the market that does something similar to yours, try building that app on your own and see which areas you would improve. This will give you the guidance you need to round out your mobile app idea.

(3) Hire a development team that meets your needs

The next secret to creating money making apps is to pick the right development team. Depending upon a few things, mainly time commitment and budget, will help decide what route you want to go here. For instance, some prefer to hire a freelance programmer that can help as much as possible. On the other hand, some prefer to outsource app development to a fully-staffed team.

In the end, the most important thing here is to understand what you need from a development team. If you want to do coding yourself and then work with someone with more expertise to put the finishing touches on your app, you probably won’t need an entire team. However, if you want a polished, efficient app build, a full team is better suited for your needs.

Thankfully, most mobile app development companies will have a conversation with you about your needs before entering a contract. Use this time to feel around and see if they will be a good fit for you and your goals.

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(4) Plan out a seamless user experience

Our next industry secret again requires zero coding, but is vital to creating an app that can turn a profit. Planning out the user experience and mobile app design as early as possible in the development process will help to create a seamless app. In this process, you need to go through the flow of your app and make sure not only does it make sense, but that users never have to ask questions on what to do next.

A focus on UX design principles here is key. This is also why market research should be the first obstacle you tackle. In order to design an app that works well for the end-users, you need to understand that user base. As long as you are able to do this well, you shouldn’t have a problem with design later on in the process.

(5) Test repeatedly, as much as you can

Once you have you laid out your user experience, found the right development team, and have begun to code, the finish line is in sight. However, there is still a few areas that you need to make sure are gone over with a fine-tooth comb to avoid investing all this time for nothing.

At Snyxius, we like to say ‘Test, then test again.” A simple mantra, but in the world of mobile app development, it’s vital to success. Without rigorous and repeated testing, apps are bound to wind up with all sorts of bugs and missing code. Our advice is to test as much as possible before you publish your app and then continue to do so occasionally after release.

Going back to picking a development team for a second: make sure that the team you are working with pledges to perform adequate testing both during and after development. Far too many apps have been lost due to lack of follow-through, so get this done early to avoid this scenario.

(6) Publish and market your app with purpose

As the time comes to publish and market your app to the masses, understand the battle is far from over. Although you should celebrate the completion of your app’s development, there is a stark difference between an app in a vacuum and an app in the wild.

For starters, make sure that you have an appropriate marketing plan in place. After all, the focus on the end-user in your design will be irrelevant if they never get to even use the app. Find the right channels to market your app and get it in as many hands as you can.

On top of marketing your app and making sure it gets published in the right places, you also need to perform mobile app maintenance on a regular basis. Not only will this help to catch bugs early, but by making small tweaks to your app you will always be improving and staying ahead of someone else looking to create a money-making app.

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Thus completes our six secrets to creating money making apps. It is our hope that with this knowledge you will be able to develop an app that not only serves a purpose and solves a problem, but turns a profit and finds success in the marketplace.