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Although the year has not yet come to a close, 2017 has already been a good year for Android app ideas. These ideas take into account the unique advantages that come from Android app development and what it provides with its marketplace. However, they are also sound ideas for applications to begin with.

By reviewing some of our favorite Android app ideas from the first half of 2017, we hope to do two things. One is to show you what apps are out there in the world so that you can take advantage of their value offering. The other is to inspire you to go out and build the app you have always been thinking of making.

Each of the following Android app ideas started from a thought in one developers head. Now, whether or not they have been developed, these ideas are floating around out there. Maybe this is just the boost you need to start developing your app.

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Without further ado, let’s take a look at these different app ideas and how they might change the industry as we know it.

1. Home security app

Keeping your place of residence secure is a big deal to many consumers. Not only do they want to keep their families safe, but their pets and belongings as well. There are some security companies and apps out there offering something like this, but nothing is dominating the industry yet.

If you are looking to build a home security app, here are some of the features that could make it a success.

  • Indoor and outdoor surveillance: people are able to monitor their dogs and cats from their phone, why not the whole house?
  • Sensory alarms: anytime a door, window, safe, or other important part of the home is touched or tampered with, the user will know.
  • Letting guests enter with their mobile device: give guests a password to enter either outside on their phones or at the door to make entering and exiting the home secure.

As more and more technology is being made to increase home security, the demand for something like this is only going to increase. If you have been looking for a good Android app idea, this might be a good place to start.

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2. Project management app

Now that Slack has fulfilled every developer’s wildest dream, the question now becomes: who is next? Who will hit a billion-dollar evaluation next? And while that is a good dream to pursue, there are those who are looking just a little but smaller.

Project management is becoming more and more of an online thing. With companies like Trello already trying to get into this space, competition might be something you will need to worry about. However, this can also work to your advantage.

With hundreds of different apps out there offering more or less the same thing, standing out in the crowd might be easier than you think. By focusing on UX, UI, and mobile app design, the next big Android app idea might be in something as simple and dull as project management.

3. Local area shopping app

While Amazon has revolutionized the way we shop online, they haven’t begun working with every local shop or store yet. Now is the time to capitalize on this market and move your local restaurants and shops into the 21st century.

Most of these shops are competing with big brands who have far more resources and connections than they do. By working with them to give them an online presence and a way for more customers to discover them, you can help them out while they help you out.

Consider this Android app idea if you live in a town with unique tastes, like Austin or Portland. These cities pride themselves on supporting local businesses, thus your “in” is all but secured.

4. On demand services app

Have you ever been walking around your house and wished that you can get someone to fix your leaky sink? Or maybe spray for bugs, build a bookshelf, or haul out refuse? What if the solution was right in your pocket?

On demand service apps are ways to connect experts with people who use their services. By being able to simply set up an appointment later that day for someone to come fix your problem, the user will not have to worry about it, and the expert will have more business.

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A lot of business apps these days simply put people with problems in contact with people with solutions. Get ahead of the curve and employ this Android app idea for your success.

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5. Personalized recipe app

If you were to search “recipe app” online, you would see thousands of options spread out before you. Thus, building just another recipe app at this point would seem fruitless and foolish. However, by taking a page out of online marketer’s book and personalizing it, you just might have something.

Instead of simply listing hundreds of different recipe ideas for the user to choose from, an app like this would let you enter the ingredients you have and then a series of recipes using those ingredients would populate the search.

While the user will not always have on hand everything they need, they will have a start. It may be that they simply need one or two things from the store, instead of the entire recipe.

6. Brand/Product profiler app

As big review companies like Yelp are slowly diminishing, there is room for a new star to rise. Shoppers today are far more likely to conduct some sort of online review for making a purchase. Not only that, but they trust that review as much as a word of mouth referral.

Imagine if there was one place, one app, where everything had a brand or product profile for review. This would save shoppers plenty of time when trying to decide between two products and would encourage brands to perform well when they could easily be compared with each of their competitors right within the app.