Aiming to develop a high-converting WordPress landing page? Perhaps you’d like to learn which plugin is the best for a WordPress landing page. Settling on the right landing page plugin is essential because a great design implies more number of clicks, resulting in more conversion and sales.

It takes a great deal of time and hard work to direct visitors to your website. If visitors leave your website without signing up for your services or subscribing to your newsletters, it could be really disheartening.

Whether you’re drawing surfers through a PPC ad or an email campaign, you require highly converting landing pages to convince them to sign up for your service or product or enlist themselves in your mailing list.

Why should we use a Landing Page Plugin for WordPress?

If you’ve developed a website for your business, you need to create a landing page since landing pages help you better your conversions and convert more visitors into frequent customers.

Landing page plugins come with multiple ready-to-use templates along with drag and drop tools to customize them and build your own landing pages from start.

It allows you to quickly develop landing pages without having to hire a developer for your marketing campaigns. You can recycle your models, create new ones, and create your own ready-to-deploy landing page layout library.

Following are a few significant reasons why should a Landing Page Plugin for WordPress be used:

1. Increasing conversion rates

Since landing pages are created to deliver targeted content to users, they are much more likely to be converted. The conversions may vary from signing up on a form, joining a webinar or buying a product.

2. To Suit the Messaging in Advertisements

Landing pages are often linked from online advertising because linking directly to the homepage of your website leaves the user with limited information as to where to go next.

3. To Get More Leads

Leads are generated through sources like email, social media, and search traffic. When sent directly to your website, a substantial percentage of these leads will be lost. Therefore, to lead to a landing page, certain links should be swapped.

4. To enhance your SEO

There are various kinds of landing pages which might be created for PPC only or for SEO purposes, or both. As long as your landing pages are optimized for keywords, are user-friendly, responsive and quick, they can help with your SEO.

5. To gather information about potential customers

The aim is to generate leads with a landing page and convert them into conversions. A benefit to boosting conversions is that consumers are handing over their details here, which would help you re-target customers in the future with better advertisements, emails and landing pages.

6. Presenting marketing offers in a desirable manner

Marketing incentives are often combined with other content on your website, reducing their overall effectiveness. Landing pages largely concentrate on one or two offerings without any extra clutter. Pair that with a great marketing deal to boost the sale.

What to look for in a WordPress Landing Page Plugin?

The primary intent of creating a landing page is to boost conversions and conversions and leads require data capture for selling to those users in the future. Good landing page plugins provide integrations with email marketing services like MailChimp and CampaignMonitor.

A good landing page plugin enables you to design your landing page elegantly, so that users come to your site and execute an action you want them to do.

It should be checked if all the content attributes you need to create a landing page are supported by the plugin.

  • Landing pages are generally intended to gather leads or sell products, so they usually contain many action items such as buttons, connections, forms, etc.
  • Creating an effective landing page requires proper headings, photos, link blocks, etc.
  • Certain landing page plugins come with pre-fabricated landing page templates which are designed by experts and can be used with customization based on your requirements to create engaging landing pages. This will help you speed up the deployment time. 
  • The plugin should be user-friendly, else deploying a complicated plugin would require alot of time to learn the plugin or hire developers for developing the landing page. For instance, landing page plugins which include a drag and drop editor or builder components relevant to landing pages are easier to use.  
  • Whether the plugin would help you create all kinds of landing pages. 
  • Whether the plugin integrates well with your current theme. 
  • Whether the plugin could help you create a landing page that is completely different from your current design. 
  • Whether the plugin can help you create a mobile-friendly landing page, since majority of the internet users these days have a smartphone.
  • Without A/B testing, the entire design of your landing page is a big game of speculation. For instance, does the color of your button make it less likely that people click? Is the testimonial section helping to convert or just cluttering the interface? All of these can be known with A/B testing. 

WordPress Landing Page Plugins explained

Here are 5 WordPress plugins that are mobile responsive and help you to create high converting landing pages for your blog or website.

1) Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is one of the best WordPress landing page plugins. It includes an easy drag and drop page builder that enables you to effortlessly create a landing page, without tampering any code.

It consists of dozens of striking page templates that help you start designing a landing page. You could replace the images and text in the templates with yours and publish it.

It lets you add opt-in forms, pricing tables, contact pages and other conversion-focused components. It also includes a frontend inline editor which allows you to edit all the components with real-time live previews.

You can also save and reuse your custom pages as templates on your website. And you can export them to other pages on WordPress. This plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme.

2) Lead Pages

Leadpages is an efficient WordPress landing page plugin for lead generation that helps you drive conversions, leads, and sales.

Leadpages provides users with the ease of managing landing pages from a single dashboard spanning multiple domains.

It helps you in designing high-converting landing pages and lead generation campaigns effortlessly in no time, without any coding. It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to create and customize landing pages.

The plugin comes with more than 150 advanced landing page layouts that are appropriate for various industries. You can create lead pages, squeeze pages, popups, splash pages, thank you pages, etc. using the templates to help convert the visitors to customers or leads. If the templates have to be altered, the quick drag and drop front end builder makes it easy.

It also features better integration with prominent marketing applications like Twitter, Zapier, Stripe, Drip, MailChimp, and so on. With its innovative ad creator, you can easily create Facebook ads and effectively connect to a large audience. It also provides useful optin forms for gathering leads.

3) Elementor

Elementor is a developer-friendly drag and drop landing page builder for WordPress. It comes with a quick and easy live editing framework where by dragging and dropping the useful widgets, you can easily create landing pages. The app includes plenty of well-crafted widgets that you can use in your theme and additonal plugins alongside other widgets.

With Elementor, you get 300 brilliantly designed frameworks appropriate landing pages for any niche. You can pick a design, substitute and update the sample content quickly with your content. You can also save your designs as frameworks and use them by exporting them to your sites.

The plugin comes with a complete set of eCommerce widgets for developing a marketplace and selling products. You can also find options for creating forms and several other features that allow you to easily handle your project.

4) Thrive Architect 

Thrive Architect is a prominent WordPress landing page plugin. While it can be used as a page builder for pages and posts, it is perfect to create pages focused on conversion.

You get a drag and drop page builder with specialized influence over mobile responsiveness, and all the conversion-focused page components that you need. The visual editor is simple to use and the front-end design editor ensures that you envision the web page as you develop it.

It contains the all-important email sign-up form, which combines with a large number of major email marketing services. You can also add call-to-action buttons, testimonials, countdown timers, pricing tables, mobile-responsive information tables, contact forms, etc.

The templates it consists of reflect the fact that it is designed exclusively for conversion optimization.

5) Optimize Press

OptimizePress is a purpose-built landing page plugin. As such, it is completely focused on developing conversion-focused marketing pages that could get you leads, customers, and email subscribers.

It has a range of new templates which includes squeeze pages, long-form sales pages, lead capture pages, thank you pages, course pages, webinar pages, and more. And some are structured in sets to ensure consistency throughout the sales funnel.

It also includes a “SmartTheme” with all plans to help you construct the entire website. It is incorporated with a lot of list building tools, making it ideal for content creators who are serious about improving conversions and increasing their email list.

To Wrap It Up

The plugins mentioned above provide everything you need to build great conversion landing pages.

Whether you would like to develop a squeeze page for your email list, create high-converting promotion pages, generate leads from PPC ads, set up webinar sites, build a membership site or more, these plugins help you do all of it.

This means that you can put more emphasis on designing and offering goods, creating engaging content and moving the needle on your business. 

The objective is to assess each of the above plugins and opt for the one that meets your requirements – whether it’s user-friendliness, usability, elegant templates drag & drop UI, list building capabilities, or powerful analytics.

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