Do you know the net income of E-commerce giants, ALIBABA and AMAZON?

According to a latest statistical analysis by online statistics and study website, Statista both the companies are thriving with a net income of $3.73 billion U.S. dollars and $596 million U.S. dollars respectively.

Hmmm…big amount…

Such mouthwatering facts couldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for their SEO agencies. These companies began their journey years back when internet connectivity was penetrating its reach to common people.

But what us the most is the fact that these websites have consistently remained at the top 5 of a search engine results for their beginning.


Simple, their SEO agency was as good as they were.

How can SEO help?

It increases organic traffic and puts you up front at the top (Improves SERP) of a search engine result in the sight of your customers. To dig into SEO, check out: Why you need an SEO agency? eCommerce SEO is of vital important.

A trillion-dollar industry, e-commerce is exponentially growing at double-digit percentage each year. It has become a hotbed for businesses to compete and cash-in huge amounts.

But to cash in this potential market you must be up-top in the SERP (Search engine ranking points).


You need to hire a reliable and efficient SEO agency that makes your website visible consistently to your customers.

eCommerce SEO for your website needs to be complemented and work hand-in-hand with the agency you choose in order to develop a thriving online business.

How to choose which SEO agency is better suited to your business?

Google it??

Nothing can be worse than picking out the best website out of 27 million search results. It is daunting and foolish, except you have a superhero capabilities.

The best way….

The best way out is to dig deep into an agency before handling them your important project. Like every other digital marketing tactics, SEO agency also employs cunning and deceptive ploys to attract a customer.

So following are recommended checklist with some follow-up questions, which you should maintain before handling a project.

#1 Beware of the Imposters

Most of the businesses do not have an intimate knowledge of what is SEO. They are just familiar with word SEO but lack a proficient knowledge of SEO.

Such businesses are highly prone to get into thinking that someone else is an expert. These experts use SEO lingos and throw together respectable website to claim as bonafide SEO expert.

How to check on an Imposter?

Short history: Beware of the agencies who are merely one or two years old. They may have huge potential but you surely do not want to be the part of their experiment phase. If you are getting good vibes, it is advised to make sure you talk to references and see their improvement graph of past.

Missing Information: If the website has no contact number, yellow pages/Google listing and devoid of any social media sign, then this isn’t an agency worth investing.

Poor Design or SEO: If an agencies own design is not appealing and it lacks an efficient SEO themselves, then you might be dealing with an imposter.

Cold Calls: If the agency gives a blind call to businesses to market their agency, then there is good chance that they are after quantity, not quality.

Inexperienced Employees: Take a very good look at the person profile on LinkedIn before he hops onto your project. See if he has a previous experience of handling a crucial project like yours.

#2 Beware Of Guarantee Schemes

This isn’t any product which comes with a guarantee period. This is SEO, whose organic search is governed by propriety search engine’s vague algorithm, which isn’t properly understood by outside world.

Smart SEO agencies never talk about guarantee, they are optimistic but warn their clients about possible uncertainties.

You need to be careful, when agencies offer following specific performance guarantee:

Ranking: There are no parameters, which can guarantee No.1 ranking. Such claims are very absurd as Google updates its algorithm over time. So no one can confidently forecast the ranking.

Visits: Like ranking if an agency forecast of specific volumes of visitors, then it’s a good chance you are dealing with an imposter. Visitor growth is a gradual and dwindling process. Such things cannot be measured in any scale.

Conversions: With SEO the number of visitors on your website will definitely increase but it does not ensure any substantial increase in leads. Anyone guaranteeing such statistics is lying.

An SEO agencies role is to direct meaning full organic traffic towards your website. So instead of performance set benchmarks for website success.

#3 Be cautious of Unknown Foreign Agency

The advent of IT revolution brought the whole globe under an umbrella. Because of this businesses were longer confined to boundaries.

SEO is such a practice which is popular all around the world. Nowadays you can assign you SEO work to any credible foreign agency.

A foreign agency does your job in less amount than your native agency would do. This phenomenon popularized the concept of SEO outsourcing. Agencies from Asian and South America charge very less compared to a North American agency.

But in some cases, lucrative deal may prove disastrous for you. They can damage your reputation in the market. Cheaper options tend to employ folks with little or no SEO experience.

You must be cautious of such fake personalities.

#4 Beware of Fake claims

Many agencies have a brand face, who are generally veterans with loads of experiences. This happens to be the best method of attracting customers. The experience adds credibility to their services.

But sometimes this is part of their bait and switch tactics in order to attract more customers. You must ascertain whether they are handling your project or some newcomer.

Experience person has a better understanding of optimization techniques rather than a novice. A novice may be very talented but your project requires good past experience and understanding.

So if you are sold on a rock star, don’t sign the deal until it’s him who is going to take your project.

#5 Use your Best Judgment

Choosing an SEO is just like any other shopping spree. You need to carefully analyze and have intimate knowledge of your thing. Always remember knowledge is power. From the vast array of choices, you must make the right choice depending upon your wisdom.


Use these pointers in your vendors review process and make sure you feel good about the agency which can ultimately make or break your online store.

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