Do not freak out or dread any sort of supernatural interventions if you happen to catch a glimpse of a driverless car. Remember, there’s a concept called IoT or Internet of Things fuelling such crazy innovations in a world of rapid technological advancements. Did you know 26.66 billion IoT devices were active in 2019? And the number of IoT devices is expected to surpass the mark of 75 billion by the year 2025. For example, students these days can simply seek assignment help via academic portals and applications instead of looking for manual assistance. Thanks to the phenomenon called Internet of Things.

Apart from assignment writing help, the application of IoT is spread across a variety of domains including online shopping, data accumulation and tracking. From an increase in the production of autonomous cars to enhanced data security through IoT technologies; the world of innovation has come a long way this year. Now that you are eager to delve deeper, invest some time in reading this blog. We will get to know about the five most amazing IoT trends topping the chart in 2019.

1. State of the art Data Convergence and Analysis

The contribution of IoT to the world of data security and analysis is undeniably one significant point to talk about. I feel safe to assume that if you are a part of the IT industry, then you must have heard of the term Big Data. Everything we say or try to converse with the help of IoT devices are stored in the form of huge chunks of data. The Big Data, powered by the Internet of Things is a platform that stores all data and supports a rising demand for large scale storage.

According to the Big Data in Internet of Things: IoT Data Management, Analytics, and Decision Making 2019-2024 report:

  • Big Data will increase in terms of application and significance as the Internet of Things evolves to be more main-stream.
  • Data generated via sensors embedded in various objects will generate huge amounts of unstructured data on real time basis.
  • Analytics used in IoT will turn out to be an enabler for the entire IoT ecosystem.
  • Global enterprises begin to take advantage of new business possibilities such as syndicating their own data and the likes.

2. The Contribution of IoT to the domain of Cloud Computation

You must know that IoT is precisely a technology that fosters seamless communication between various electronic devices with the help of the internet. While big data application stores huge chunks of data, cloud computing ensures that the particular data is sent and received on time without hassle.

Here’s what the future holds:

  • IoT devices are said to demand a lot of storage space. Cloud based services such as the Microsoft Azure IoT suite, Google Cloud and IBM Watson IoT platforms are widely used. These tools are expected to expand their operations with greater storage space which can be scaled in accordance with individual requirements.
  • Augmented performance is the new tomorrow. Data generated by IoT devices require greater performance in order to cope with consumer demands and faster interaction.
  • Thus, it is said that integrating cloud and IoT can establish connectivity that is crucial to share information between devices.
  • Integration of cloud and IoT allows public cloud services to assist third parties, thus gaining access to the infrastructure. This can provide an advantage in terms of helping IoT data or computational modules operating over IoT devices.

3. Blockchain Technology to Expand and Flourish in the hands of IoT

In a world where security has always played a crucial role, you cannot deny the role and significance of Blockchain technology. Here are some of the most significant Blockchain applications in Internet of Things this year.

  • Logistics and Supply Chain: The current supply chain and logistics are said to lack transparency. The combination of Blockchain and IoT is expected to improve the traceability and reliability of the network. IoT sensors such as GPS, temperature sensors and motion sensors provide crisp details about the status of order shipment or data monitoring of any sort.
  • Blockchain in Automotive Industry: If you connect IoT enabled vehicles with the decentralized network, then multiple users will be able to exchange and keep track of information in a better way. NetObjex, an intelligent automation platform for smart cities has demonstrated the smart parking platform with the help of IoT and blockchain. The demonstration outlines how technology eases the process of finding a vacant space in the parking lot.

In addition to it, the technology automates smart payments for parking with the help of cryptocurrency wallets.

  • Sharing economy gets easier: It goes without saying that monitoring, evaluating and sharing economy has become a widely embraced concept around the world. It is said that Blockchain merged with IoT technologies could set up decentralized and shared economy applications. For example, uses IoT technologies in order to share IoT-enabled devices and objects. The platform has reportedly planned to develop a USN (Universal Sharing Network) in order to create a verified secure digital market of connected devices. It is said, with USN, one can rent, sell or share any object securely, with any involvement of intermediaries.

With so many things popping up and innovations in the field of Blockchain technology, it seems that the future is already here.

4. Personalized shopping experience gets a boost

Personalized retail experience in 2019 is something to keep an eye on. With IoT taking charge of the segment, things are only about to improve for the better. Let’s take a look at the significant contribution of the Internet of Things in this particular domain of innovation.

  • Monitoring customer behavior gets easier with IoT. Sensors and technologies such as Zopim (powered by Zendesk) and Google Analytics help retailers keep track of the journey and behavior of online customers effectively.
  • IoT makes warehouse management and the process of reorganization more effective. No wonder, the global Internet of Things in Warehouse management market revenue is expected to witness a rapid CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate) in the next few years.
  • End-to-end inventory tracking fueled by the Internet of Things helps in tracking and tracing all inventories seamlessly.
  • Vision Picking, an extension of augmented reality allows warehouse workers to operate hands-free and effectively. As a matter of fact, the technology can boost warehouse productivity by 15%.
  • IoT simplifies online payments while shopping. Payment infrastructure and the role of IoT ensure clarity, and easy tracking of the entire payment process. Secured transactional gateways such as PayPal, Google Pay and WePay are already fueling such initiatives with precision.

5. Artificial Intelligence to drive IoT development and growth

It is a known fact that the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence go hand in hand. As IoT networks tend to increase in size and application, AI has certainly a huge role to play.

Here are some of the points demonstrating the reach and potential of AI, powered by IoT.

  • Fujitsu has leveraged the potential of IoT by piloting the utilization of intelligent objects. AI-powered devices used by the enterprise help executives receive alert notifications on drop in the worker’s productivity due to health issues and industrial hazards.
  • More interestingly, banks are constantly evaluating AI-powered real time analysis of ATM use. These include the use of CCTV footage analysis encouraging faster responses and tracking on the move.
  • Rolls Royce is using AI-enabled computing platforms to track and analyze data produced by its aircraft engines.

To Wrap Up

Now that you know about the remarkable IoT innovations of 2019 and beyond, here’s a quick glance at the key pointers of the blog.

  • Data convergence and analysis get a new face.
  • Cloud computing technologies are being constantly improved and powered by IoT.
  • The future of Blockchain technology seems to be promising.
  • Personalised shopping experience gets the much-needed boost.
  • IoT fosters the application and significance of Artificial Intelligence.


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