HTML5 has emerged as a promising tool for web based development and mobile application development owing to the amount of flexibility and advanced features. It’s a great choice to pick for mobile applications development mainly because of its multiplatform feature making developer’s work easy. HTML5, a specification of W3C combines a host of advanced techniques to suffice UI, programming, responsiveness in mobile app building.

Mobile app Developers study reveal that android and HTML5 are increasingly surpassing iOS as Developers choice. Here’s why HTML5 is a promising mobile app development platform:

    • Cross platform tool: Developing applications that will work across different devices is the latest trend in mobile app development. HTML5 provides the ease to code once and run and deploy on multiple platforms with apparently no changes. HTML5 is compatible with all web browsers and hence extra effort is avoided to run it through any web browser. There are instances as of FaceBook using HTML5 in their mobile products to reach users easily.
    • UI design: Mobile apps live and go viral for their great designs. HTML5 makes UI design easy as it eliminates the need of flash plugin to give visual effects and make app engaging in terms of design and usability. Canvas element of HTML5 aids to create graphic designs for your mobile applications.
    • Developers’ learning Curve: The learning curve is not steep with mobile app development through HTML5 as most developers have knowledge on previous HTML standard. Again, it is based on open standard which provides room for improvement. This characteristic goes far to make HTML5 successful as a crossplatform tool.
    • Instant updates and deployment: Mobile applications created through HTML5 are released in the web and are independent of app store platform to host your apps. It doesn’t require app store approval and pass through the several practices to deploy your app in the app store.
  • Visibility: Mobile app development through HTML5 is not only a viable option for singlebase code but it helps to gain better visibility too. Applications created through HTML5 are web based applications created to fit and work for small sized screens. This implies that the apps are present in the web and it optimizes the search for the apps.