Every year statistics are released on the ever increasing number of mobile users worldwide. As more consumers make the switch to mobile, more specifically smartphones, mobile app development is going to continue to be a hot topic. Along with that will be the need for new mobile app ideas to keep the industry moving forward.

At Snyxius, we like to say that we predict technology by creating it. In this article, we are going to review 5 quick tricks for brainstorming mobile app ideas. Our hope is that by getting the creative juices flowing and offering some best practices you will be ready to come up with the next great mobile app idea. Just don’t forget about us when you’re rich and famous, OK?

Let’s get started.

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#1. Find problems you can solve

The first trick to coming up with mobile business ideas is to look for problems that you can solve. In fact, this is the basis for application development in general, so it should always be a rule of thumb when brainstorming new projects. However, when it comes to mobile apps, the problems can be found in a much smaller area.

Another key aspect of app development is listening to your audience. Once you actually have your idea down on paper you will be able to conduct more targeted research into your specific end users, but at this point we simply mean that you should study the market for solvable problems.

Once you find the problem that you intend to solve, next you will need to see how feasible it is to create a solution with your current capabilities. Either consult with your team or consider outsourcing app development and find the right company to work with on your project.

#2. Look for gaps in the market

The next trick for brainstorming mobile app ideas is to look for gaps in the market. While this sounds similar to looking for problems to solve, instead of searching our problems you will be analyzing existing solutions to see if you can develop an app that will fill the gap they are currently leaving.

For this exercise in idea generation, try to find outdated or underperforming apps that are already in the market. Something as simple as creating a competitive app with better UX design than the existing standard can be all you need to fill a gap in the market and make a difference.

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We should include that your mobile app offering should extend outside of this initial gap, otherwise in a few months someone will do the same with you. You can avoid pigeonholing yourself by taking on multiple different solutions (or gaps) at the same time.

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#3. Adapt iOS apps for Android

Another quick way to get started on a mobile app idea is to look to at popular iOS apps that don’t currently have an Android counterpart. Although this isn’t exactly a unique Android app idea, there is still plenty of room for creativity here.

In the same way that you can fill the gap in the market you can provide for Android users what iOS users already have. The original developer of this app had to make a choice to not develop for Android, so you should capitalize on this opportunity by creating a better version of their app for that market. 

#4. Enhance existing smartphone features

For brainstorming mobile app ideas, the goal is not always to solve an outside problem, sometimes it so to solve a problem on the phone itself. For instance, when Apple released their new maps app, companies like Waze and Google benefitted from their poor mobile app design. This is another case of the marketplace creating an opportunity which you can take advantage of.

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A best practice for generating mobile app ideas in this regard is to monitor updates to mobile operating systems and look for weaknesses. Typically, tech sites like TechCrunch or the Verge are quick to report on these development mistakes, so keep an eye on outlets like these for ideas.

#5. Keep your eyes on the future

The final trick we have for coming up with successful mobile app ideas is to keep your eyes on the future. As new technologies emerged (like IoT and wearables), more app solutions will be needed to help the market grow. A good brainstorming technique is to look at what is popular now and imagine what kind of apps will be useful in 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years down the line.

Although it is impossible to predict the future, getting a head start on technologies like these is a good way to stay sharp and up-to-date. Even if your mobile app ideas are irrelevant, the act of considering the future in this way can be an eye-opening experience.

Don’t believe us? Just look at the history of tech growth over the last 10-15 years. Few people were able to predict the way the business landscape has changed and yet, those same people are now who we see on Forbes making lists every year. It won’t always be enough to patch holes on a sinking boat, sometimes you need to build your own.

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Final thoughts

As you begin to look out in the world for mobile app ideas with these tricks up your sleeve, it’s important to think about something: value. Meaning, what sort of value will your mobile app idea bring to your end users? This value that you can bring is what will make or break your app.

Our final word of advice is to not ignore the value of what you are doing. Customers and users will respond to value more than anything else, so it is here that you should plan around, that you should make the center of what you are doing. If you are able to incorporate mobile app ideas with making users’ lives better, you will be on your way to success.