Just a few decades ago, technology that seems ubiquitous to us today like cell phones and personal computers seemed like the stuff of sci-fi. Today, the internet of things connects over 11 billion devices worldwide, something even just a few years ago that would have seemed impossible. As IoT technology progresses, even more IoT solutions and devices will be cropping up all across the globe.

While this is an exciting thought, unless you understand the nature of IoT and what goes into, it can seem daunting. This is why we have put together 5 IoT solutions making a splash in 2018. By taking time to comprehend the solutions being developed today, we can look toward the future and imagine the world of tomorrow built upon this technology. Let’s get started.

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IoT Solutions in an interconnected world

With just about every device being released coming with Bluetooth as a standard feature, it didn’t take long to reach over 11 billion connect devices worldwide. Now that IoT technology is progressing, we are uncovering new ways every day to harness our interconnected world for greater efficiency across all kinds of industries and organizations.

As we push forward, there will be a continuously growing need not only for IoT and AI technology to solve complex business problems, but manage the platforms and systems that process these IoT solutions. Next, we will take a look at just a few examples of how powerful these solutions can be and how we can use them to build our way to an even better and brighter future.

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2018 IoT Solutions

Each of the following IoT solutions has been making a big difference in 2018. However, that wasn’t the only reason we decided to highlight them. We wanted to include solutions that not only show how powerful IoT platforms are today, but what they can mean next year and years to come. With this in mind, let’s look at our first solution.

1. HiQo Solutions, Inc.

In our interconnected world, one of the most common problems that businesses run up against is how to use their data securely without losing time with encryption. HiQo Solutions seeks to solve this problem with their integrated IoT solution, built to aid organizations with large amounts of IoT data. Through the use of customized analytics, they can not only generate intelligent insights, but pinpoint areas that need preventative maintenance.  

As IoT solutions become more complex, more innovative solutions like HiQo will be necessary for completing these complicated tasks. In this way, IoT is following in the path of AI and other emerging technologies that seek to take care of menial tasks so that workers can focus on more pertinent matters.

2. Radius IoT

While many IoT solutions focus on smart home devices, Radius IoT has set their sights even higher and wants to help build smart cities. Through integration with existing IoT platforms, Radius allows owners to manage their IoT infrastructure with real-time, centralized reporting. Not only are they experts when it comes to IoT, but the numerous integrations available with their platform.

Although it may seem like smart cities are just another science fiction dream, they are actually closer than you think. In order for these cities to actually function, it will take IoT solutions like Radius to do the heavy lifting and ensure that the system is running smoothly.


As it turns out, IoT solutions can not only help increase efficiency for business processes, but more advanced efforts like water conservation. This is where WINT comes in, an IoT solution for water intake. By using different systems and sensors to monitor water usage, WINT provides detailed reports on where organizations are using too much or too little water.

In our current environment, with climate change in the back of everyone’s minds, efforts like WINT will become even more important for maintaining a healthy world. While this is just the beginning, imagine what could be done in similar industries like electricity or oil and gas. The better we can track our behavior, the more intelligent our behavior will become.   

4. Auximiti

While WINT measures the amount of water flowing through pipes, Auximiti aims to do the same with customers flowing through stores. By being able to answer questions such as the current number of customers in the store, number of returning customers, and their spending behavior all in real-time, Auximiti gives the insights you need to be successful.

As IoT solutions like this become more popular, there soon will be a way to track everything. However, this is only half the battle. By integrating blockchain and machine learning into your system, you can not only see how things currently are, but what they might look like in the future. This level of management and control will provide benefits we can’t even imagine.

5. PrecisionHawk

The final IoT solution we will look at today is PrecisionHawk, an agricultural drone-based IoT solution built to aid farmers monitor their crops. While Auximiti and WINT are able to track water and brand interactions at a set location, PrecisionHawk monitors larger areas using drone technology and AI processing to provide valuable insights.

Although this seems like a niche business, according to Machina Research, close to 225 million IoT devices could be used in the agricultural sector by 2024. Obviously, this is a huge push in the right direction and just like WINT, it’s helping us take better care of our natural resources.

Final thoughts – Endless possibilities

As you can see, with the interconnected nature of our world today, the possibilities that IoT solutions provide are almost endless. However, if the above solutions are any indication, the industry as a whole seems to be on the right track. This is where you come in. As this technology moves forward, we will need more educated users to keep these trends moving in the right direction.

By focusing more on the types of IoT apps that can bring great structural change to entire industries for the good instead of simply making a house smarter, we have the potential to change out world for the better. As 2018 comes to a close and we look toward 2019, our hope is that the IoT solutions making a splash next year will continue to do the good work of companies like WINT to move us forward.