“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”
–Jeff Bezos CEO of

In the new era of the digital business, you need online customers just like fish need water.
Today, consumers have more options than ever before; they have search engines, review sites, and they are actively seeking to engage in conversations with their favorite brands through social media to answer their questions. Social media in particular has a unique ability of creating two-way dialogues which help consumers discuss their favorite brands with others.

With this change, it has become widely understood that the “digital customer experience” is the key to engaging with, delighting, and monetizing customers in the modern world.
So, today in this article we will provide a few social media tips to enhance your digital customer experience.

Assimilate Your Customers.


Social media is a biggest player in the arena which provides two way communications between brand and users which helps us to understand the need and want of the consumers.

Many businesses, understand that exceptional customer experience relies on an in-depth understanding of the individual. So, they create social media pages and groups on sites like Facebook or Twitter to know more about their customers.
But you need to to do more. Analyzing a single social network for insight will only provide limited understanding of each person because of the way that each person uses each platform.

And it was also found on the global web index report that the average digital consusmer actively maintains a presence on more than three networks simultaneously, this means that people aren’t confined to merely one network.
That means your social media manager needs to observe behavior across every platform to build the accurate picture of each individual. But don’t you worry!There are some intelligent social monitoring software which will help you in creating the coherent picture of each person.

This way you will know more about your customers need and want.

“Respond quickly” is Key to Impressing More Customers.


Consumers are using their smartphone for the instant answer which help them to make the best purchase decision.

They demand that their brand should always be able to respond to their doubt and question in real time, wherever they are and wherever they need it.

If you did not respond quickly to consumer’s questions, they will think that you have other priorities and they will move to other brands who take them as first priority.

Obviously you don’t want this to happen to your brand. You need to make it a priority to respond quickly to your customer queries because this is one of the key steps and engagement opportunities which will help you to hold your customers and reach more.

You should also interact with your customers when there is nothing wrong. A simple “thank you” on social media or through email goes a long way in encouraging customer involvement with your business online and it also helps in building a loyal customer for your brand.

And timeliness is important; the faster you respond, the more impressed they will be. Make sure to address the issue quickly and convey that you are working to find the best solution for their situation.

Make Your Employees Feel Special.

At the end of the day, your employees are directly related to your customer. If you make your employees unhappy, then no doubt your customer will feel it when interacting with them and they too will become unhappy.

One of the main reasons that customers love a brand is due to the human interaction they receive when dealing with the company. And this can only be possible by keeping your employees happy.

You can keep your employee happy by listening and rewarding them with prize and bonus when they meet certain goal. By doing this you will pass a feeling special attitude to your employee to your customer when they interact with social media.

So, treat your employees just like you would treat your customers.

An engaged and happy employee is an employee who will serve your customers well. This pays dividends down the line.

Solve The Problem In The Channel.


Today’s consumers don’t want to add unnecessary extra steps to solve their problem because they don’t have enough time; they want everything to be quick.

So, if you remove your customers from their preferred channel to solve an issue is both inconvenient and inefficient. And you don’t want to make your customer unhappy.

So, always keep in mind that if you are discussing an issue on Facebook then keep it on Facebook. No need to take the issue on different channel. By doing this you can keep your customer happy and loyal to your brand.

Remember that people inherently want things to be simple and easy for them, especially when dealing with companies.

Get Your Entire Team Involved


If you want to make your customer journey smooth on social media, then you must get your entire team on board with a distinct social media plan. Explain to them how to act towards customers and when discussing the company online; give them all a mini-media training. This way you can give the opportunity to entire company to fulfill the need of the customer.

By involving everyone from your team you can keep the overall customer experience on top notch. For better digital customer experience, It’s time for you to roll up your sleeve and involve your CEO too because it will make a huge difference in showing the human side of your company.

At the end of the day you need to be comprehensive and hands on when it comes to dealing with the emotions of your customers.