A little care and attention to our health can gift us a good life devoid of early and unexpected diseases and ailments. The complicacies of everyday life and work hinder us from taking out time to take proper care of our health until we are bed ridden. Apps can help to dilute that with small efforts every day with the smart phones on our hand.

Here are five promising apps that help us to stay fit by monitoring and tracking our health aspects. Watch out and try them yourself for a

  • Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker: Calorie counter let’s you shred your weight for free. Calorie Counter possesses the largest food database with over 3,000,000 foods. Fast food and exercise entry helps to reduce weight when you take on that extra fat. The app allows you to check the amount of calories in your eatables and calculate the nutritional value. We can pick exercises as we need, connect with friends for tracking weight, set our goals as recommended and track our weight and check our improvement etc.

  • Eye Trainer – 12 Eye Exercises: If you want to maintain your eyesight and vision on your own, you can take “Eye Trainer” right away. It is an interesting app to exercise your eyes through the 12 steps with built in voices to guide you. The app contains basic eye exercises such as placing warm palm on your eyes, focusing on near and distant objects etc. You can set alarm and reminders for your daily eye exercises.

  • Mindfulness App: Science & Technology has gifted us with applications which aid us in reducing stress without any physical counselor or trainer. Mindfulness App is listed at the top in 11 countries all over the world. It is a store with guided meditations by some of the world’s most influential meditation teachers. The app is equipped with guided meditations of varying duration from 3 to 30 minutes, silent meditation, personalized meditation, mindfulness notices and reminders to deep you into meditation.

  • Cardiograph: This app from the health & fitness store is one that works like a medical device to measure your heart rate. At the end of the check, you can save your results and compare with your last check or keep for future reference. Cardiograph uses the mobile device’s camera to capture pictures of the finger tip and thereby calculate the heart’s rhythm. One app is enough for a family, as the app allows multiple users.

  • Water your body: As the name goes “Water Your Body” is an application to jog your memory for the glass of water you need to take for a healthy living. It also keeps track of your drinking frequencies. Based on your weight, the app will determine the amount of water you should drink. It will also remind you in different intervals to drink water to reach the required amount. Even you can customize the amount and set reminders if you wish.