mobile user acquisition

User acquisition is the driving force of successful mobile app and it is very important to have a user for your app to generate revenue and downloads.Even if you have a great app idea, you need the users to make it work.

It is not easy as you think according to the 2016 Mobile App Report of ComScore it was found that nearly half of the smartphone user don’t download any apps in a month, and the average user downloads 2.

mobile user acquisition

In order to fall into the category of 1+ Apps, you need to think out of the box because the market has changed a lot, approaching with the traditional method will not work today in this competitive world.

One of the best ways to improve mobile user acquisition is to surprise your audience with something interesting and new which your competitor can never think off.

Remember one thing that you didn’t do all that hard work for nothing.

In this article, we have outlined the most out of the box ways for the improvement of mobile user acquisition.

Localize Your App

As you know that Android and Google app store offer worldwide audience for your app which officially means that your app has gone globally, and the next person who downloads your app can be located anywhere.

To make your app globally ready, you need to localize your app and it is one of the best ways to maximize your app distribution potential around the world.

Why App localization matter?

Localizing App for your target audience is a best practice to acquire user worldwide. Here are some reason why app localization deserves a place in a mobility plan:

  • 90% of mobile device activity now occurs within apps, as opposed to browsers.
  • Worldwide mobile app revenues will rise from $51 billion in 2016 to $101 billion in 2020.
  • At that time, consumers across the APAC and EMEA regions will combine to generate 3.8X as many mobile app downloads as their counterparts in the Americas.

What is the ROI of App localization?

  • A study from Distomo showed that localizing iPhone application text resulted in significantly more download 128% more per country.
  • David Janner in his experiment found that 76% of the total app traffic came from English-speaking countries prior to app localization which results into 23,000 downloads per month.

How you can do app localization:

You can do so by translating your app keyword, title, and description to variety of popular languages such as Chinese, French or Germany. But before that you first need to identify your target language and locales which will give us an idea that in which countries we have our maximum number of user and the language spoken there. Is it English or any other international language?

Free Your App For a Day

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Giving something free is a great way to draw attention for your app in this competitive world. According to statista report, it was found that 4.2 million apps are available in both Apple and Google Store. To stand out is difficult. So, giving your app Free for one day can help you to boost your app ranking and visibility in app store chart.

If you are scratching your head and wondering that how you are supposed to gain profit by giving away the app free for a single day, then you are not looking at the big picture. Frankly speaking, you won’t be making any money from the user who had downloaded your app for free and you won’t huge spike in your sale when your free offer ends.

So, you would be thinking then why do it?

This strategy is all about the up sell by removing the price barrier for a limited period of time, you have captured thousand of a new user who probably would not have purchased your app before. If they enjoy your free app then it means that you have just expanded your customer base with an opportunity to up-sell future In-app purchase content and other new apps. But remember this strategy will only work if you have a way to eventually convert the large customer base into a potential customer.

Partner with Niche influencer

Did you ever think how come an app with less feature and functionalities goes on to become a phenomenal success and another app with double the efforts is left far, far behind?The answer to this question is that they have partnered with the right influencer, influencer are those people who can influence the target audience in the niche.

You can also call them modern day celebrity.

An influencer can be anyone potential buyers, companies, internet celebrities or professionals such as technical experts, journalists, reviewers, individual brand advocates, academics, industry thought leaders and trade analysts, whose work can influence a major part of app user population. Even your friends are also considered as influencers.

But remember if you want to enhance the visibility of your app and increase traffic then you need to find the right influencer that can relate what you do.

How do you find an influencer in your niche?

Finding an influencer who can relate your niche requires lots of research. Here are some tools which will help you in your endeavour.

1. Klout

Klout is one of the best tools which analyze the social platform of the user and create Klout user profile and assign them a score between 1 to 100. The user is given score on the size of a user social media network and correlates the content created to measure how other users interact with that content.  Higher the Klout score of the user indicates that the influencer is better than others.

2. Klear

Klear is a tool which offers social media analytics, which includes analysis of social mentions, engagement, fanbase growth, and network.

Klear works on three core areas:

  1. Social media monitoring.
  2. Influencer marketing.
  3. Competitive intelligence.

3. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the powerful online tools that allow a user to find out what topic of the content is popular. In BuzzSumo you can filter the trending content in a particular date range and find out the topmost influencer in your niche. You can also check the inbound link of the influencer and find out the favorite influencer for your work.


Inkybee mainly used for blogger outreach but can provide you with immense help in finding the influencer. You can also it to analyze the influencers in your Twitter followers as well as discover new connections.

Word of Mouth Marketing

People love to talk; they talk about the hair color, TV shows, clothes, game apps etc. The stuff they use every day. If you want people to talk about your product, then your product must be good.

It does matter what you are selling if they like your stuff and if they trust you, they will tell their friends to do business with you. Word of mouth is not an easy task; you have to give people a good reason to talk about your stuff. If your product is not so good then this word of mouth will back fire you. Word of mouth marketing isn’t about BtoB marketing or BtoC marketing, is all about real people talking to each other (CtoC) marketing. Instead of business to business talking.

Actually, it is BtoCtoC. Your job as a marketer is to put an idea worth talking about. That’s marketing. When a real person repeats it, that’s word of mouth. It is one of the most valuable forms of marketing which usually don’t cost anything. According to the online survey of Nielsen, it was found that 84% of respondent across 58 countries said they would trust a brand if it is recommended by their friend or family.

Here are the four golden rules of word of mouth marketing which will increase your mobile user acquisition:

1. Be interesting.

Nobody talks about the product which is boring. If you want people to talk about your product then your product must be interesting. So, before you run an ad or before you put something on the menu ask this magic question:

Would anyone tell a friend about this?

2. Make it easy.

It would never work if your real people find difficult in remembering the message of your product. Make it simple if you expect it to go anywhere.

You just need to do a few things:

  • Make your message simple.
  • Help people share to by making it easy to do.

3. Make people happy.

Thrill your real people with an amazing product because when people like you, they share you with their friend. They want your business to grow and want their friend to enjoy what you offer. So, make your people happy, if you want to get more word of mouth for your product.

4. Earn Trust and Respect.

It is a simple rule nobody talk about the product which they don’t trust or like. Nobody wants to put their name on the products which embrace them in front of their friend.

Talk to your people, fulfill their need and make people proud to tell your story to everyone. So, if you are looking to improve mobile user acquisition then harness the power of the word of mouth because it is something which will excite your user if your product is good.
Here is an example of an app which accelerates their user acquisition with their out of box ideas:



About AutoScout24:

AutoScout24 is the largest online car marketplace in Europe, listing over 2 million vehicles. Their App offer user an “On the go” platform to search for and advertise their cars.


AutoScout24 want to increase user base and also want to increase downloads from a valuable user.


Autscout24 Runs mobile marketing campaign for 1 year across seven countries:Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, and Belgium.
They also boosted the app to the top of the App Store chart using the smart boost technology, allowing AutoScout 24 to benefit from the increased visibility.
By integrating on trademob SDK, AutoScout24 was able to access 230+ aggregated media partner and traffic sources.

Result achieved:

  • Total installs:  100, 00 bought, thousands more organic
  • Highest overall Charts: #3
  • CPI reduction: 50-80%
  • App visits increase: 30-60%
  • CPA reduction: 5-10%

Increase App Downloads