The transformation of mobility is constantly being developed due to modern technology that is revolutionizing the world. Google, a company known for innovation and connivence, has been working on a project that merges the two descriptions to transform mobility. One of the revolutionary projects Google has been working on, relaying both innovation and connivence, is the new self- driving car.  Google’s self driving cars will not only transform society through this new wave of mobility, but enhance safety, influence sustainability and make a specific generation independent again.

Here are four things you did know about Google’s self-driving car project.

1) Self Driving Car is Powered by Computers


Powered by Google Chauffeur, the self-driving car is equipped with technology from Toyota Pruis, Lexus RX450h and Audi TT. The car is mounted with a Veldoyne 64-beam laser that generates a 3D map. This type of technology is beneficial because, unlike a car driven by humans, Google’s self-driving car does not affiliate with human characteristics that result in crashes.

The majority of automobile incidences result from driving while drinking or texting. Computers are programed to obey directions and not get distracted. Can we really trust computers to get us home safely? Google puts out a monthly incident report showing a total of 13 accidents from driving nearly two -million miles in the last six years. The accidents mainly involved the drivers, not the technology. The incident report shows consumers that Google is doing everything it can to report the facts when it comes to the self-driving cars safety. Also, Google’s self-driving cars are predicted to decrease the commute due to reacting to traffic signals that humans may miss.

2) Self Driving Car Decreases Everyday Stress


Commuting can be a stressful experience for many people that are faced with factors involving road rage. There are many mental and physical symptoms stemming from road rage that can impact a person’s life. Google’s self-driving car transports passengers without having human power behind the wheel. These makes a smoother ride where individuals can relax and stay focus on other affairs. The traveler can read a book, take a nap or do work from the car. The only thing a person has to do is tell the car the exact location. The self-driving car decreases the stress of traveling. Individuals who ride in a self-driving car are not only stress free but have overall more time in their day.

3) Self Driving Car is Assessable to Disabilities 


Most elderly tend to feel dependent and at a loss of self confidence after having to give up their ability to drive. The self driving cars makes elderly or those of disabilities gain control and have reassurance that they have the ability to be transported without the help of others. Driving on your own equals freedom. With Google’s self driving cars, those in the stages of dependency may feel independent.

4) Self Driving Car is Energy Efficient


Carbon Dioxide Emissions, CO2, is a huge issue that impacts not only the United States, but the world. Many harmful CO2 emissions come from burning fossil fuels produced from automobiles. The impacts of burning fossil fuels are detrimental to human and environmental health, harming those with respiratory disease and influencing global warming. Google’s self-driving car actually decreases the world’s dependency on oil. The car is fueled electricity which decreases CO2 emissions and benefits the overall environment.  Plus, you save money on gas. 

Google’s Self-Driving Car in Austin, Texas