Technology outsourcing for startups is occurring in leaps and bounds as it has proven advantageous for the entrepreneurs to paddle smooth in their startup business process. Outsourcing trained professionals become easier and affordable through outsourcing. Besides, built in business project models with the vendors give great insights to the budding companies. Outsourcing technology by the startups is the key to achieve the following factors:

Cutting down cost: The key reason of outsourcing technology by startups is to curb costs due to low-capital costs associated with outsourcing projects. Expenses for starting up your dream company might be already digging the hole in your pocket and keeping full-time, skilled and experienced developers might be difficult. So if your startup is facing a financial crisis to let you develop your own, outsourcing to a reliable vendor is the convincing solution. You can save 30-50% of the development costs without compromising quality by outsourcing, then engaging in-house development. In a decade, unit labor costs rose by 37 % in Australia, compared with 21 % in USA and 6 % in Germany

Fast & effective delivery: Vendors taking up outsourcing projects have clear and defined work strategy, trained personnel and less unstable issues than a startup with relatively less experience in handling projects. This is why if there is a proportionate relation of your projects delivery with time, outsource your projects, seat back and relax, it will be delivered. In a survey conducted by Static Brain, 15% of companies said yes to outsourcing because it accelerates project completion

Project Management: Managing and micro-managing a project is not a simple task. Without experienced project managers it is difficult to steer projects to completion on time. Every project contributes to the growth and development of a startup and it is really important how you take the projects in order to leverage the best out of it.

Focusing on key competencies: Many startups are not clear as where they want to head and in which process they want to excel. Outsourcing some projects can help them to focus on key competencies such as core business activity, preparing road map and accelerate business growth. 53% of manufacturing companies take advantage of offshore outsourcing in order to improve efficiency while cutting costs. (Source: Udemy). In a survey conducted by the Static Brain, 31% of companies said yes to outsourcing because it frees up internal resources to concentrate on core tasks and 28% because it improves business or customer focus.

Ensure these points to amplify your startup success through technology outsourcing:
  • Clear with your goals and startup plans
  • Hire high quality professional outsourcing team who have adequate professional experience in small and medium projects
  • Establish good outsourcing relationship with the development team and stay in touch with them as the work progresses
  • Provide clear and comprehensive requirement of your project to get it done as per your needs