As we have previously review on an article on Android app development, the world of mobile apps and online services is growing at an exciting pace. New ideas seem to be sprouting up everywhere we look, and yet, there are always more to come. One area that has seen a lot of growth is that of Android app ideas.

Developers across the world are turning their eye to the world of Android as a cost effective way to get their app idea out into the world. While there are some Android app ideas that are taking advantage of new technologies, such as VR and the like, there are others that can be implemented and started as soon as today.

In order to help you figure out your next project, we are going to review 3 Android app ideas that you could implement at a quick pace. These are not new ideas and they are certainly not going to be the next Slack. However, they might just be what you need to jumpstart your new idea. Let’s take a look.  

cloud storage

1. Cloud storage app

The world of cloud storage has been done and done again, but there still exists a massive demand for it within the mobile industry. Although there are solutions out there, none have dominated the markets and almost none of them meet standards when it comes to UI and UX.

Cloud storage is more convenient than traditional means (such as a hard drive) that have to be physically with you at all times in order to be accessed. A new, cloud storage app built with the end user in mind is ripe for a market that is looking for something new.

Why Android?

Now, the question needs to be asked with each of these, “Why Android?” After all, wouldn’t an Android app idea work the same as an iOS app idea? Not necessarily.

Android and iOS not only have very different restricts and rules when it comes to developing for their system, they also have very different users and overall industries.

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When it comes to a cloud storage app, the reason we recommend this be developed within the Android framework is due to the capabilities of the platform. Since Android is open source, a well-designed storage app could be used for a number of different purposes.

Along with that, while Apple has its own inexpensive cloud storage, Android apps work across many different platforms and providers. By creating an exceptional Android app, you may have other companies to compete with, but at least you won’t be going up against Android itself.

productivity app

2. Productivity app

Ever since Slack broke down the barriers of what a successful app looks like, productivity apps have become a new favorite for both professionals and average consumers alike. By focusing on making daily tasks and processes simpler, these apps are often time-savers instead of time-wasters.

As more companies like Slack try to strike gold, the harder it will be to do so yourself once the hills have been mined dry, if you’ll allow me this gold rush metaphor. Now is the time to go for it Android is the place to do it.

Why Android?

Android, being that it is open source, has developed a reputation as being for more tech-savvy individuals than Apple or other alternatives. Going off of this, as the popularity of Agile development continues to take off, so will the trend of productivity.

The answer to the “why Android” question here is a little bit easier to answer. While Apple would benefit from a productivity app, same as Android, it will bet the Android community that is more likely to accept and adopt such a program.

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By gearing marketing messaging and campaigns towards the Android market, an often excluded group, you will have a chance to strike gold of your own. Obviously, the success of Slack doesn’t come often, but this is an area where there is a need that can very easily be filled. Why not be the one to fill it?

android app ideas

3. App geared at older generations

The world of mobile business ideas and mobile in general often have a excluded another group. No, not Android developers, but older generations. Most notably, baby boomers. There are currently 77 million baby boomers in the United States and most of them have smart phones that they may or may not fully understand.

While millennials and younger consumers were born with phones in their hands, older generations are doing their best to keep up in a world of rapid change. One area that has remained untapped that has made its way onto our list of Android apps is one geared for this older generation.

Why Android?

Again, the question needs to be asked, “Why Android?” What benefit does Google have over Apple when it comes to catering to older generations? Well, for one, they likely have an Android device in their house already. Regardless of how much time they spend on it, they most likely have a device with which they could use this app.

Second of all, a large amount of them have children who are constantly needed to help them with their phones and apps. By creating an app that meets their needs and has a UX design created with older individuals in mind, you will not only give them a better way to speak with their kids, but less reliance on their children for help with technology.

The most important part of creating an app like this is mobile app design, especially one that is understandable and workable for anyone using the app. More on this below.

A word on design

When it comes to Android app ideas, there is something that should be said about design across the board. Obviously an app for an older generation will need good UX and UI design, but this also an area that should be a focus for anyone developing an Android app.

Apple, for as long as they have been around, has been able to meet these design needs for their users. This is why people are willing to pay more for their products and apps. It is up to you as an Android developer to design well and match Apple in order to win customers over.

In the end, no matter what app you end up developing, remember that good design is what will lead you to success. The rest, as they say, will come with.