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In today’s fast changing world where a single great idea can overturn an industry overnight, so there is no need to say please.

Today, mobile business ideas are a commodity; everyone has got one and people are eagerly waiting to listen to your ideas. All successful startups and businesses were born from successful and validated ideas that have succeeded

There’s no limit to great examples to learn from, but we’ve picked a few of our favorites. Here are the lists of startups which have scaled super quickly and have leveraged their unique mobile business ideas for success.

#1 Traction Guest



About the product:

Traction Guest is an online guest management platform for configuring, managing, and tailoring a unique sign-in experience for each visitor. Their solution helps organizations better understand where their visitors come from, who they are, and how often they visit. Their central administrative console allows for continuous visitor monitoring at all locations worldwide.

Traction Guest’s other features include visual/facial identification for quickly recognizing employees, NDA capture for capturing a visitor’s signature, and email and SMS guest arrival notifications.

The platform can be accessed through a browser from any device, at any time. Traction Guest maintains a growing list of third-party integrations based on use cases developed by users, continually enhancing capabilities.

Revenue Generated:

Starting from: $180.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

  • $180/Month (USD)
    for each location 
  • Hardware not included
  • Unlimited sign-ins
  • 30 days notice for cancellation

#2 LeadBoxer



About the product:

LeadBoxer is a lead generation and lead scoring platform for small-to-large B2B sales teams.

LeadBoxer provides sales teams of any size with valuable insights on what their potential customers are interested in before they even reach out.

The software automatically creates visitor profiles for website visitors, captures data on their online behaviour and interactions, and then assigns them a leadscore according to parameters set by the assigned account manager.

With LeadBoxer, sales teams are able to track website visitors, page and video views, and document downloads, as well as measure traffic sources.

The designated sales person can set the importance of various lead properties (industry, no. of page views, etc.) in order to influence the leadscore assigned by LeadBoxer.

When a lead is ready to be qualified, LeadBoxer reports and notifies the salesperson (or people) responsible. The relevant salesperson can engage with their lead directly via the LeadBoxer app, where leads can be reviewed, assigned, or removed at any time.

LeadBoxer integrates with CRMs and other sales tools via an advanced API.

Revenue Generated:

Starting from: $29.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Pricing is based on leads (identified visitors), number of websites, users and integrations

#3 Loyalzoo



About the product:

Loyalzoo allows small-to-medium sized businesses establish and run their own loyalty program quickly and easily.

The application enables businesses to set up a loyalty program to run digitally on their electronic point-of-sale terminal, with customers no longer required to keep paper or plastic loyalty cards. 

Businesses can tailor-make their loyalty rewards program by choosing to run points based loyalty or a digital punch card. Up to three rewards can be created to incentivize customers to spend more and increase customer retention.

Customers can easily join loyalty programs by providing just their name and phone number/email, or by downloading the free Loyalzoo mobile app.

Staff members then award points or stamps on the point-of-sale terminal, instantly updating customers points/stamps to their smart phone.

Data can be imported from other existing loyalty programs including Fivestars and AppCard. Loyalzoo is also natively integrated in the Clover point-of-sale terminal and is available on the Clover app market, as well as on Lightspeed.

Revenue Generated:

Starting from: $57.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available

$57/month per store, this includes:

  • 7 day free trial
  • Stamps or points based rewards system
  • 2 x marketing messages a month
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
  • Runs on most point-of-sale systems
  • Annual subscription available, offering 2 months free, for $570/year.

#4 Quip



About the product:

Quip is a team collaboration solution which combines document and spreadsheet creation, and editing with chat and commenting capabilities, to allow teams to communicate about tasks and projects directly while working on them.

Quip enables users to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and checklists collaboratively in real time, through the ‘Smart Inbox’ interface, with the ability to filter and star documents to speed up searching.

Document revisions are stored so users can track changes, and annotations can be added to spreadsheets and documents. Finished tasks can be checked off on the checklist, keeping all team members informed of which tasks have been completed.

Rather than communicating by email, users can chat directly within a document, with inbuilt 1:1 personal messaging and the ability to comment on any content.

The @mentions also allow users to direct teammates to individual spreadsheet cells, or insert items such as images and code into documents. User-controlled notifications keep team members updated on any messages or mentions.

Quip works across desktop and mobile, with native iOS and Android apps, and with offline functionality, users can work on documents on the go, with changes being updated whenever there is an internet connection.

Revenue Generated:

Starting from: $10.00/month

Pricing model: Freemium, Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

  • Basic: Free

  • Team: $10 per month for teams of 1-10; $40 per month for teams of 11-20

  • Business: $12 per user per month

  • Enterprise: $25 per user per month

#5 Akti



About the product:

Akti is a complete administrative management application specially developed for small and micro-companies.

All administration, from sales management to online sales, is integrated into just one software. Once the data is introduced, it is automatically synchronised with the other tools. 

Akti supports CRM functions, as well as the writing and management of quotes and invoices. The application has also been developed to help with the management of orders, articles, stock, expenses, on-site interventions, projects, marketing, and e-commerce sites. Akti imposes no limit on the number of invoices, quotes or documents created.

Accessible from anywhere in the world, Akti is available in 14 different languages: French, Dutch, English and German for the publications; Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish for the documents (invoices, order forms, quotes, etc.) and e-mails.

It is also possible to add other languages depending on the user’s specific needs.

Revenue Generated:

Starting from: €29.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

The tariff plan depends on the use made of Akti, according to three user categories: services; articles; or services & articles.

  • Services: From $29/month
  • Article: From $49/month
  • Service & Articles: From $59/month
  • 14 day free trial.

These are just a few good examples of startups who took their idea and grew it into a full-fledged business. If you search for more examples you’ll find any number of other articles that offer any number of different suggestions. The common denominator for all of the examples however, is that the companies written about all took a business idea, one that people would find value in, and then found the best way to create a business out of it.

Ideas + Ambition + Hard work = Success.

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