Designing websites keeping people at the centre of the web design process is the key to build great audience. Traffic visit and traffic retention greatly depends on the web design and aesthetics. Mostly, people are clear in their mind why they land in the page and what they are seeking for. Your web design needs to rope them in with best and easy features to help them find what they want. So, if your website meets their interest, you connect in the right audience.

Good design is not only how it looks like but how its functionality is. Websites live and die on good design, which is the foundation for improved user experience. Here are a few web design features which will help to build audience:

Website Typography: Typography directs your user to read and understand what you want to convey and not making guesses without reading the illegible text. Typography is a latest trend in web design and it’s more than fonts to connect to the right user. Typography bestows users a visual hierarchy to extract the most important information in the shortest possible time. It hover user eyes on the information they want to percept first, may be through fonts, styles, text color, spacing and so on.

Responsive Web design: 75% of smartphone internet users prefer a mobile-friendly site, but 96% complains about the non-responsiveness of the sites. Making responsive web design and development is at the core of latest web development process as 70% users now take to multiple devices for surfing the net. Web designs that can adjust with variations in screen sizes, pixel quality, and graphics can keep visitors glued easily.

Avoiding flashy designs: It makes very little sense to include large, slow-loading graphics, animations, and video clips in your web design. As this would take time to load and make navigation across the website slower and prone to snagging when seen across different platforms. This would encourage traffic bouncing rate and deviate from building the right audience.

Screen resolutions: While designing websites screen resolution is another vital factor. Screen resolution illustrates an idea of the width of the main content area and what proportion you can use in your design so that the visitors are able to view the web content without difficulty.

If your business has some pre-defined target audience, it is recommended that you design your site after a research on the target audience in the specific market. Depending on the target audience web design features such as color schemes, fancy or plain design, usage of white space, fonts and styles can be envisaged. Say, if you target old audience, larger and clearer fonts are obvious options whereas if it’s for youth imagery schemes would be fruitful. Many web design solutions surface from traffic analytics.