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ERP & SCM Solutions

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) systems will help coherently integrate all your internal as well as external management information covering the entire operational functions such as finance, accounts, production and marketing. Thus, ERP will provide you total transparency of all the key processes across various departments leading to more effective coordination and increased productivity.

Since same software is used across all departments, there is a unified and single reporting system. It helps you to analyze the management information and know work progress in real time, across all the departments. Using our ERP, you can achieve advanced e-commerce integration that can handle web based order tracking/ order processing. The ERP systems we propose are capable of providing business intelligence inputs as well. ERP systems make it convenient for order tracking, inventory monitoring, revenue checking, market forecasting, sales follow-ups and all other business related activities.

In short, with our custom ERP development we ensure that the we streamline and integrate various operation processes and flow of information and synergize the four basic resources of a business organization - men, machine, material and money.

We also offer OpenBravo customizations apart from developing custom ERP solutions.

Supply chain management (SCM) can be defined as an art as well as a science that aims to streamline and evolve an efficient strategy for managing all the resources for fulfilling customer demands. Our SCM planning is to develop tools for you to monitor the supply chain so that it is purposeful, costs nominal and delivers high quality and value to end-customers. SCM entails scheduling the various stages needed for manufacturing, quality testing, packaging and timely delivery. Our SCM solution will enable you to measure quality levels, production output and your employee productivity.

Our custom SCM development organizes the required logistics whereby you can coordinate the receipt of sales orders, develop a network of warehouses, select carriers to reach products to customers and set up a suitable invoicing system to receive payments. Using SCM we will also evolve a responsive and flexible network for receiving defective and excess products back from the customers and also generally support customers who have complaints with delivered products.

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