Mobile applications are like hot buns for this generation. At least 6 billion people all around the world use smartphones and 120 million Americans spend most of their mobile time on retail and shopping applications. If your company doesn’t have a mobile app, then you are still living in dark.

Hiring an experienced developer whom you can trust to custom build your mobile application, isn’t easy.

Hire a Mobile app Agency

Here are 10 questions that you should ask a mobile app developer that will help you hire the right one for your project.

Where can I find the examples of mobile applications you have already developed?

Motive – It is important to look in the portfolio of the mobile app developer you are approaching. All good app developers will already have a portfolio of their previous work to showcase and impress their prospective clients. It will give you an insight of the developer’s approach, potential and capability to build an app.

User ratings and comments on the app should also be considered. Make a note of the ratio of positive and negative comments.

Can I have a list of your past and current clients?

Motive – Don’t you run background checks on a new employee you are about to hire? Hiring an application developer or a mobile app agency is no different.

Talking to a developer’s or a company’s past and current clients will validate the authenticity of the work they are claiming as theirs. This will also give you insights of how responsive, reliable and result oriented the developer is.

Other than the given references, conduct a research on your own too, before finalizing the said company or developer.

How many projects are you currently working on?

Motive – If you are hiring a single developer, the developer shouldn’t have more than 2 projects in hand at the time of your project. If a single developer is juggling with too many projects at the same time it will likely affect your project. The development time of your project will increase and the quality will suffer, for sure.

And if you are hiring a mobile app development company or firm, make sure they have 1 or 2 of their people dedicated completely to your project.

Which mobile device do you use?

Motive – It may appear silly to you, but the question will ultimately make sense after you read this.

This question can provide you insights on how passionate and knowledgeable the developer is about a specific mobile platform. It also means that if you choose a developer to make an app for iOS, but they don’t use any Apple product, then they may not have much experience with the platform.

Ideally, if a developer is into various app development platforms, then they should use a variety of devices – iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. A developer should be familiar with other apps of the platform they work on.

What are your designing strategies?

Motive – Designing a mobile app is often harder than it’s coding. When dealing with mobile apps, each pixel counts. The screen size of mobile phones is smaller as compared to other devices. Users are likely to use a finger or a thumb to navigate an app. That is why a good mobile app design (UI) is required for a great mobile user experience.

Ask your developer how they will blueprint the application. Ask them if they will provide you with a wireframe of your mobile app. Another important technical documentation that you should seek for is user stories. User stories will help you understand how the end user is intended to use the application.

Can my app be monetized?

mobile app monetization

Motive – A developer should know exactly how to build and incorporate features that will allow you to make money, if you want some return on your investment or some additional revenue through your app.

Monetizing an app need some additional skills. So you should be upfront with the developer if adding features that will provide ROI are within the developer’s capabilities.

Paid app, In-app advertising, pay per download, paid subscription services and freemium apps are some of the ways you can generate revenue through your app. And a good app developer should be well versed in integrating them with your application.

What will be your level of involvement and what will be the communication process?

Motive – No developer or mobile app development company can develop an app without you. If the developer you approached says that they don’t need your involvement in the process, then say goodbye to them.

Your project is likely to go through multiple iterations. And if you don’t review the prototype, your project will lack your vision. Communication is the key to a good project.

You can demand for a change or addition in the project at the right time. The quality of a project depends on the clarity of the communication. Make sure the developer is willing to communicate with you. Communication will guide you through the entire development process of your application.

What is the best way you will keep me updated on “live” progress?

Motive – You’ll want to be updated on every step of progress that is involved with the design and development process to ensure that the project is meeting your requirements.

Ask the developer if they have access to project management tools like Basecamp, Asana, or MeisterTask. A developer could also share live Source Code (through or with you so that you can see daily progress.

What is the cost and fee structure of the company?

Motive – Questioning the developer how they will charge you for the project, is necessary. Whether they want a flat fee or have an hourly payment structure? Whether they will charge you more for special features? Do post submission updates bear any extra cost? Are there any hidden costs the developer isn’t informing you about?

Also see that the developer adheres to the time limit. Have written agreements drafted for the payment and time frame to avoid conflicts in the end.

Who will own the app?

Motive – Normally the individual or company who commissions the application is the rightful owner. But legal documentation is still necessary. To have the rightful ownership of your application, written legal documents like ‘copyright agreement’, ‘non-disclosure agreements’ etc. should be signed with the hired developer.

This will maintain the confidentiality of your project and also state that you are the owner of the source code, design, concept and all the components of the application. Also, draft a written agreement for the payments and time frame to avoid conflicts in the end.